Mr. E. M. Tilley & Tilleyhurst

     Tilleyhurst is a large island around which both Crystal River and Salt River wind their way. The cottage is built on one of the beautiful shell mounds on the banks of Crystal River. Standing on the front piazza of the cottage one has a view of the west course of the river for two or three miles...almost to where it empties into the gulf. Right at the east of the cottage the river makes a bend southeastward, forming a large bay in front of Sarondee, the home of George H. Stratner. Out from this bay reaches Salt River, going its way south and west of Tilleyhurst on towards Homosassa, while Crystal River itself continues its way eastward up to the Springs at the town of Crystal.
     Before the disasterous freeze of 96, Tilleyhurst boasted of a fine orange grove. A few of the trees had recovered and are in bearing again...but after the freeze it lay comparatively forsaken until it caught the eye of a wealthy Virginian who had come to Crystal River for the winter's fishing. Being high and dry,and so beautifully located, it has proven an ideal winter home, especially as the very best of fishing at its very door.
     Mr. E. M. Tillley, the present owner of Tilleyhurst, resides at Norfolk, Virginia. He is one of the most prominent men of Norfolk, and is, along with his sons and daughters, identified with most of its leading business, social, charitable and religious enterprises.
    Nominally, Mr. Tilley has retired from active work, but a move with such a practical and successful past can never wholly surrender himself from the importuning demands of his friends and from matters pertaining to the public welfare. He is a man of unusual sage and practical judgment, with a big heart and open purse for the unfortunate, yet he is the most unassuming and modest of men. Always sociable, kind and pleasant, delighting in good company and living. He is a very lovable old gentleman. He keeps his cottage well furnished, ready for his friends and himself whenever they choose to occupy it.
     For so many years has Mr. Tilley spent his winters with us that we claim half interest in him, and we really begrudge Norfolk the other half. May he be with us during many, many more winters.    

Source: Crystal River News: 1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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