Dr. H. M. Taylor

     Dr. H. M. Taylor, born of one of the first families of Virginia has already made his mark in the professional world. He is a graduated physician from Atlanta Medical College and has had an extended hospital experience, but not satisfied with that he in order to keep up with the progress of medical science, makes it a rule to attend as many medical lectures and meetings of more renowned physicians as his large practice will allow him the time for. Besides this, he is associated with various medical associations and leagues. He is a member of the State Board of Medical Associates, active member of the Board of Medical Councils and member of the American Tuberculosis League.
     He came to Crystal River on the 15th of October 1903 and in this short time has already made an enviable name for himself as an expert in his profession. He has that about him, which to physicians is ever an open sesame to connections with the best families which means incidentally, also the surest source of income, namely the inbred as well as essential characteristics of a conscientious physician. A few minutes of serious talks with Dr. Taylor will convince anyone that he has the honor of his profession at heart and his heart and mind devoted to it. Once he takes a case in hand he becomes intensely interested in it, devoting the same care and thought to it, may the patient be a pauper or one of the wealthy.
     His regular practice extends within a radius of twenty miles or more from the town of Crystal River and his work has thus far been distinctly marked with success.
     Dr. Taylor is quite a young man as yet; and there is no doubt that he has a brilliant life's career assured to him.  

Source: Crystal River News..1905
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