Capt. & Mrs. George H. Stratner

The Isle of O'Sarondee

The above heading is the name Capt. George Stratner’s poetical wife has dubbed “their beautiful home,” which is situated just three miles down the river.

Captain Stratner moved here from Illinois in 1883, located at his present place. Immediately upon his arrival, he went to work building a home and clearing land preparatory to planting out an orange grove. He had a fine grove and bearing when the freeze came in 96. Not to be daunted, he went to work again after the freeze and has lived to see and enjoy the fruits of his many years of hard labor and patient waiting, for he has brought his grove into bearing again. Besides oranges he has many other kinds of fruits, such as plums, figs, bananas, dates, lemons, etc.

A no better land for truck and general farming can be found in the state than his.

Here you find the best fishing in Florida, especially for Tarpon. Their home is large and commodious but himself and wife, liking the quiet of this retreat and loving home life in preference to hotel life, they have not made room for more than a few special guests.

The home circle of the happy family consists of father, mother, three beautiful and accomplished daughters and one handsome, industrious and dutiful son. And we want to say that during our stay upon this mundane sphere we have met and mingled with many families, but this one seems to be the happiest, the most affectionate,  when all are together we have ever seen, but then we can easily account for this. The children have been reared right by their parents. They have received the correct home treatment while growing up.

Mrs. Stratner is one of the brightest women in the state. As a writer, it would be a hard matter to find her equal in Florida. The best periodicals of the country are always anxious to receive her matter and pay her well for it.

Source: Crystal River News:1905

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