Dr. H. O. Snow

     Dr. Snow of Floral City, graduated at the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, April 1900. He holds a license from the State Board of Georgia and one from the Sixth District Board of Florida to practice medicine. Prior to his graduation, he served a year in an army hospital in Georgia and in Cuba as steward. He practiced medicine in Coffee County, Georgia one year since he graduated.
     He was born and reared near Brooksville, Florida on "Snow Hill." He loves his chosen profession and enjoys a large and meritive practice. Whenever he is sent for he does not stop and consider whether the party who wants him is rich or poor or whether he will get pay, before he leaves the patient for his visit, or whether it will be booked as "charity work," but goes and goes in a hurry, too.
     He makes a specialty in treatment of all lung troubles. He is going to start a "tent colony" in his town for the treatment of consumption, and expects to open up this sanitarium by December 1, 1905.
     He is also proprietor of the Floral City Drug Store an establishment which is an honor to his town.
     Dr. Snow is a pleasant, affable and very agreeable gentleman, and can count his personal friends by the hundreds. The poor people of that section is almost worship him because they know that whenever they send for him he goes and does everything possible for his patient. The people in the eastern part of the county say that the doctor has got a heart in him as "big as a meeting house," for he always stands ready and willing to help the poor.

Source: Crystal River News: 1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers


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