B. V. Rowland

Mr. Rowland is a Georgia boy. He was reared among the Red Hills and long lanes of Georgia. It was in those wide fields and long rows that he followed the plow as long as his father held the reins over him. It was there that he learned the great statement of God, when he said that man should “live by the sweat of his brow.” At the age of 19 he started out in the world for himself, with no education, and fortunately he at once saw his great lack of ability to meet the world as he wished. He at once began to strive for an education and after a few years of hard work he was able to enter the N. L. W. College at Wrightsville, Georgia, where, for several months, he heard the midnight cock crowing while solving the problems and learning the hard lessons he must face the next day. But when he had finished his task there he was still not satisfied. As soon as he could save enough money he went to Jacksonville and entered the Massey Business College and just about the time he completed his commercial course the city fell a victim to that great fire, which in about eight hours, changed it from a great city to the largest ash bed that Florida had ever seen. After the fire, he worked several weeks for the desolate and homeless people, distributing supplies and feeding the hungry with the gifts that were sent there by the good people that were sent there from all parts of our country. From there he went to O’Brian, Florida and accepted a position with Mr. J. Scarborough as bookkeeper and manager of his mercantile business and his work while there was so successful for his employer that he could no longer resist the temptation to take the few dollars that he had earned and opened a little shop that he could call his own. Mr. Rowland came to Crystal River on February 9, 1904, and a few days later he opened up a line of general merchandise and has done a large and increasing business ever since he flung his store door open to the public.

He is polite and obliging and usually holds a customer whenever he gets one. He is very attentive to business and is classed one of our most substantial merchants. He is destined to climb to the top of the ladder. You can’t keep down as young man with the good horse sense and good habits that he possesses. 

Source: Crystal River News: 1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted By Linda Flowers


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