Miller and Smith

The firm of Miller and Smith is new, but both heads of this firm have had
considerable experience in the mercantile line.

Mr. H. G. Miller

      Mr. Herman Miller was born and reared in Crystal River. His father was one of the first settlers, and established a store when Crystal River was yet cutting its milk teeth. After his aged father died and he himself, had finished his commercial education, Herman and his brother Fred went into the mercantile business together. This, they carried on successfully for several years, but death came and deprived Herman of his brother and partner. A few months later Herman sold out to Mr. Blanton and thought to go out of business altogether, but the commercial instinct was too strong for him. About a year later he built a large two story double department store, and with his brother-in-law Mr. Robert D. Smith as partner, again went into business.

Mr. R. D. Smith

 Mr. Robert D. Smith was born in Cokesbury, Abbyville County, South Carolina. When quite a youth he decided to come to Crystal River. He arrived here November 28, 1891. He was then a stranger, in a strange land and was without money and friends, but he had that which is a passport to success anywhere, namely; pluck, industry and a high moral standard, which he was determined to live up to. For several years he held a position in Mrs. Mary Williams-Allen's store, finelly having full charge of this large store of general merchandise. Later he held other high salaried positions; the most prominent being that of head bookkeeper of the Dickson Crucible Company. This position he held for two years to the entire satisfaction of the manager, Mr. C. E. Harrick.
     The first of this year he decided to go into business for himself and on May the 8th, he was already opening up and marking goods.

     This large store of Miller and Smith is on Citrus Avenue. It contains everything in line of general merchandise; dry goods, shoes, groceries, crockery, glasswear, paints, etc. These are in two seperate departments. Other departments contain; feedstuffs, furniture and a full line of trunks. This firm is determined to supply the trade of every call.
    There stock is complete and new, not an article of stale or shopworn goods can be found on their shelves. They have had good summer trade and already the new fall goods. Everything in the line of ladies and gents furnishing goods are arriving.
     Both these men are courteous and will give customers good value for their money.

Source: Crystal River News:1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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