Mr. W. B. Edwards

     Mr. W. B. Edwards is one of our well to do Red Level farmers, though raising the usual crops such as corn, potatoes, cane, melons, etc., he has paid most of his attention to the raising of beef cattle and hogs. He owns large heads of good stock.
     Mr. Edwards knows well that there is an ever increasing demand for good Florida beef, and he knows too, that this section of the county can produce it as well as any other. Even the big packers of the north are negotiating for vast tracts of Florida lands on which they may pasture cattle to help supply the worlds meat material, and Mr. Edwards can see no reason why the farmers who already own lands, and who are already "on the spot," should not be the first in these money making schemes. There is always a good and ready market right here at home for beef and pork; in fact, the supply runs short because of the many mill, turpentine and phosphate men and their families who must be supplied and who, themselves can raise nothing whatsoever in the line of eatables.
     "Uncle Billy," as Mr. Edwards is more familiarly called, believed in making sure as near as possible, that his name would be perpetuated, for of his nine children, eight are boys. Nearly all are grown and are a credit to him as they have branched out and each is making a name for himself. By the way, Mr. Edwards is a widower and is far from being past the marrying age "A hint to the wise (ladies) is sufficient."

Source: Crystal River News:1905
Transcribbed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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