Mr. Hal Edwards

     Mr. Hal Edwards was born and reared at Red Level, a sub-district of Crystal River. He spent his early youth on a farm working hard, but managing to get for himself a good education between whiles.
     Early in life he accepted a position as clerk in the Williams establishment. This position he has held continually until he reached a high rung, until in fact he became one of the managers, and until he was counted a friend and confidant of those who employed him.
     But Hallie has still higher ambitions and he keeps his constituents on the "tender hooks." We see ambitions take from them, his very much needed and throughly efficient services.
     Hallie is an analyzer and a speculator. He had noted the trend of coming prosperity and had wisely invested in real estate and in town property at just the right time. Now he is already to be reckoned among the prominent tax paying citizens of Crystal River. Youthful ambitions when combined with such honesty, industry, integrity and general uprighteousness, as Mr. Edwards is noted for, are bound to be realized in time, so his friends confidently look forward to seeing him take his place among the industrious political leaders of his town, county and state. The personality of Mr. Edwards is a serious one when matters require earnest thought, but it is an exceedingly pleasant and jolly one when only the lighter lines of light hold his attention. As a salesman he is a pronounced success. It is really somewhat in the nature of a treat to be permitted to do trading where one is waited on by so courteous and genial a gentleman. He has a laugh which once heard is never forgotten and the remembrance of it has ever the power of dispelling the blues. He has a good word for all and the clearness of his eye and the radiance of his smile is bright and far reaching.
     Thus far Mr. Edwards has managed to escape the matrimonial noose by what secret, but evidently successful strategy we are unable to guess, but we know that many bright eyes look at this dilatory youth and many of a tender heart has he set pulsating at a speed far beyond its normal beat. Hallie is the catch of this town and could make his own choice from the bright galaxy of the pretty smiling, only too willing, maidens.

Source: Crystal River News:1905
Transcribbed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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