Mr. J. B. Cutler

     Some years ago Mr. Cutler was trainmaster of the Atlantic Coast Line, but here at Crystal River he is more familiarly known as "the ice man." This does not mean that Mr. Cutler always keeps cool no matter how trying the circumstances, nor what the thermometer is trying to do. Neither does it mean that he is cold blooded, cold hearted, or anything of that sort. It simply means that Mr. Cutler has gone very extensively into the business of manufacturing ice and not only has he established a large plant at Crystal River, but has established ice manufacturing plants, also at Tampa, Dunnellon and Lakeland. There is quite a difference in having ice right at home, then to have to send to some distant city for it, so now all the people of three towns at least, rise up and bless Mr. Cutler.
     No doubt Mr. Cutler supplies a great many of the other towns along the line with this frozen needful.
     Mr. Cutler is also one of the Crystal River Fish Company. He keeps a good commodious naphtha launch on the river, mainly we suppose to be used in the fish business, but we notice that Mr. Cutler frequently delights in giving his many friends from all over Florida, enjoyable trips out to the gulf in it whenever they come to Crystal River. Frequently launch parties are made up here at home among the young folks and the launch is hired for those pleasant trips. Mr. Cutler keeps a good engineer constantly in charge of the launch, who is ready to start out with it at a moments notice.
     Mr. Cutler is a man of a pleasing and obliging personality and is very much liked. He belongs to numerous lodges and has a good standing in them. His business rating is high and he has always
been found honest and a man of his word.

Source: Crystal River News: 1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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