Capt. W. C. Bull

Captain W. C. Bull, a native of Dowagioe, Cross County, Michigan, is a man just past the meridian of life. Seventeen years ago he came to Ocala. There he engaged in his profession, that of contractor and builder, at which he continued until four years ago when he was importuned to act as chief of the fire department of that city. This position he recently resigned in order to again take up his favorite profession of contractor and builder. There was a great demand for him at Crystal River, where he had built some of the most commodious residences, so he has now pitched his tent among us, as we hope, permanently. 

The large, handsome residences of R. J. Knight, Mr. Will Knight, Dr. Bennett and the Presbyterian manse, illustrated in this issue, are conclusive evidence that he is a man who knows his business.

In all his dealings since we have known him he has proven himself prompt, honest, a through business man and an expert workman.

He has always lived that his word is his bond. His prices are as liberal as consistent with good work and good material. There is no hitch or delays once he has definitely taken the contract and agreed on time and price. He has now contracts on hand which will keep him busy for some time, so those wishing his services later, should not delay in securing them now.     

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Source: Crystal River News:1905
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