Mr. R. L Barnes

Mr. R. L. Barnes is a native of South Carolina, but came to Florida to engage in the naval stores business. He brought with him the experience which assured him the desired success, as he had been engaged in the same line during the sixteen years prior to his coming to Florida.

The naval stores plant of Mr. R. L. Barnes is located at Etna, is run on an extensive scale, bringing in large returns and giving employment to a great number of men.

For some years Mr. Barnes had lived the life of a lonely widower, but lately, Cupid remembered and took pity on him, sending one of Dunnellon’s fairest damsels, Miss Eva Lee Hough, to banish the gloomy shadows from his previous lonely pathway. The matrimonial love knot was securely tied on the 12th and then the regenerated Mr. Barnes and his fair bride went off for an extended bridal tour. They will visit Savannah, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Washington, New York and other points of the north. Returning they will visit friends in North and South Carolina and then come back to Florida and settle down to their anticipated happy home life in Etna. Mr. Barnes is naturally a jolly good fellow, but we expect to see his smiles even brighter and broader than before.

In business, Mr. Barnes is the man who watches for the good opportunities and knows how to catch them at ? tide. All who have had business or some dealings with Mr. Barnes, speaks highly of his honesty and liberality; he is a man who meets you on the level and treats you on the square. He has the good will of all who know him know, in this new venture of his, which Cupid has negotiated. We all congratulate him heartily and wish for both himself and his bride a long life of bliss and prosperity. 

Source: Crystal River News: 1905
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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