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Floral City

Floral City was the largest town in Florida at one time.

Floral City Heritage Council...Includes historic pictures, history, etc. All the rich information you need to discover Floral City.

Historical Photographs

Floral City Tidbits

Floral City…The merchants in general are pleased in change the mines have made in paying off---pay days are once a week now, not once a month as formerly. The mines are more popular with the laborers and workers in numbers are coming for employment. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-27-1906



Inverness was established in 1889 and incorporated in 1919.
City of Inverness

Crystal River

Crystal River is considered the heart of the "Nature Coast of Florida."  It was incorporated 1903. Citrus Counties well known manatee population calls Kings Bay home and where Crystal River is laid out. Us 19 runs south to north through the city. 

City Of Crystal River

Beverly Hills

Homosassa Springs

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Visitor Center
Homosassa Springs State Park...History of Petting Zoo
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Birds
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Reptiles
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Manatees
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Bears
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park...Animals


Lecanto is located on 44 south-east of Crystal River. In 1900 there was a population of two hundred and eighty-nine inhabitants. It was mostly a farming town and of the population only seventeen were black. Some of the persons that called Lecanto home were the James Davis, William Hart, John King and William E. McGahagins families. Sarah McGahagins was a dressmaker and Emma Harris was a teacher. Mr. Pearson and his family was one of the few blacks that were residing in Lecanto in 1900.


An incorporated community located around the intersection of US 41 and Co. Rd. 491 which is the North Lecanto Hwy. West of the intersection is the crossing for the Withlacoochee State Trail.



Etna...Turpentine Camp

St. Petersburg Times Story


Mr. W. A. Baxley of Etna, the well known naval stores operator, was in the city today, a guest of the Montezuma. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-31-1906

R. L. Barnes of Etna was in the city yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-23-1905


Meadowcrest Community

Red Level

Located on the west side of US Hwy 19 about seven miles north of Crystal River. Red Level Cemetery holds the grave of  civil war veteran...John Ulric Martin who lived at Citronell. The Nature Coast Civil War Reenactment is held at Red Level at the Holcim Mine property.


An unincorporated community in Citrus County on the west coast. On the 1900 census there were forty-nine inhabitants of which four were black. Among the population was Benjamin F. Early a merchant from Pennsylvania, a widower, the Bryant Moody family (merchant) and Bevious V. Burt listed as a tie contractor. Edward Wheeler, James Jones and Joseph Brown were three of the twelve farmers living in Ozello along with four fishermen rounding out the population which included Dupree Wheeler and Joseph Wadington.


Fairmount is a ghost town in Citrus County located under  the present site of the Meadowcrest Industrial Park. It was settled in 1885 and had seventy-five inhabitants in 1886.  By 1900 the population had risen to two hundred and included Joseph D. Bennett  the local physician.  His wife and sister were both teachers, while his sister-in-law was the postmistress. Of the two hundred persons living in Fairmount, eighty-three were white. There was a turpentine mill in which housed thirty-one of the black population, while the rest worked there as day laborers. William Knight was the manager and John White, a distiller. Among the farmers were the families of Charles A. Miller and William James Henrick. 

Stage Pond

 Stage Pond is located on State Road 480 aka Stage Coach Trail, in South Citrus County. Population in 1885 was about two hundred-fifty. There was a post office, general store, turpentine still, convict camp, cemetery and a school of which, only the cemetery remains. Stage Pond was a small thriving community as late as 1920 with a tavern, general store, two churches and an Inn. It was on the main coachline from Jacksonville to Hommosassa run and was a stagecoach way station. Other then the tavern. general store and Inn, there was not much industry in the area and was deserted by 1920 with the cessationof the stagecoach and the advent of the automobile. The area was settled by Sparkmans, Saddlers, Leggettes, Casons, Rooks, among others. It can be accessed by taking State Road 480 from US 41 south of Inverness, Florida and preceeding west aproximately ten miles. 


Ocala...Dr. D. W. Hartshorn, of Cincinnatti,  Ohio, who founded the town of  Hartshorn in Citrus County and a large Florida realty owner, is in town, stoppping at the Ocala House. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-20-1900

Some of the people who lived at Hartshorn were...A. E. Handley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Buttgenbach, A. S. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Dampier, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Stucky, E. Holder, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wells, Ben Dale, F. G. Spearman, W. A. Smith, Walter Roy, Frank M. Long, Will Dauden, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mallett, Dr. O. Bainter, C. W. Driver and J. W. Pearson.

Hartshorn…Anson Halsell, of the Hartshorn mines, spent a few days here (Anthony) yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-24-1901

Hartshorn…R. S. Clark of Anita, Jake Strauss of Savannah, C. W. White of Citra and A. E. Handley of Hartshorn, people we all know, were at the Ocala House yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-4-1898

Cutlers or Cutlers Spurr...Ghost Town


Several Italians passed through Ocala today for the phosphate mines at Felicia, Citrus county. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-17-1905

JacK  McCully, who has been Veal & Co.’s principal salesman at their commissary at the Standard mine, will go with Kibler Bros. at Felicia. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-12-1903

Gaiterville…Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Boring, of Felicia, were in our burg Sunday, the guests of Mrs. Rebecca Ross. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-21-1906

Dunnellon...Mrs. T. B. Tower, of Felicia, spent Sunday here, the guest of Mrs. J. L. Leitner. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-5-1902

Gaiterville...Misses Cora and Frankie Ross were visitors at Felicia, Saturday, the guests of their sister, Mrs. J. M. Boring. Source: Ocala Eveniing Star: 3-15-1906

Gulf Junction...Ghost Town

Elliston...Ghost Town

Some of the people living at Elliston were...Walter Ray, J. M. Beasley, John Gamble, J. Digald, J. Nictie and  Edward Holder.

J. R. Blackiston, the veterinary surgeon, returned last night from Elliston where he was called to treat some of Clark & Ray’s mules. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-02

Ocala…W. B. Robinson, formerly of this city but recently merchandising at Elliston, has sold out his business there and again in the city. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-10-1900

Elliston…The Camp Phosphate Co. has closed down its phosphate mine at Elliston and is moving the machinery to Istachatta, where they will operate. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-18-1902

The Florida Syndicate Phosphate Company are removing part of the machinary of the syndicate plant to Elliston to erect a new plant at that place. Source Ocala Evening News:2-21-1896

Dr. S. A. Blitch, who was in town today to visit the sick at the convict farm, was called to Elliston this afternoon to visit members of Mr. Ray's family. Source: Ocala Evening News:6-29-1903

Ocala…T. J. Knight, of Crystal River, D. A. Clark, of Martel and Walter Ray of Elliston, prominent turpentine distillers, were in the city today. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-15-1901

Ocala…J. M. Beasley, of Elliston, is at the Montezuma. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-13-1895

Ocala…Henry Martinot, of Elliston, was on our streets yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-26-1895

Harrison...Ghost Town

Orleans...Ghost Town

Rock Mines


Rock Mines… Hernando…Mrs. Sadie Chappell of Kendrick is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. C. Croft, of Rock Mines, this week. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-2-1900

Seacoll...Ghost Town

Stagepond...Ghost Town

Calphos...Ghost Town

Catawaba...Ghost Town

Arlington...Ghost Town

Landrum...Ghost Town

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