Citrus County Notable

Capt. Gus Strum

One Score and Three

He threescore years and three, she one score and three, are the respective ages of Capt. Gus Strum, the veteran citizen, guide and fisherman of Homosassa and his bride of a few days. The captain is a well- known character at Homosassa and along the way from that point to Ocala, where he often comes. Last week he took unto himself a bride to cheer his home in his declining years, a poor, friendless and homeless young girl. The happy couple were in town yesterday.

Capt. Gus is as hale and hearty as most men at fifty. He is much liked and respected at Homosassa and is a great favorite of tourists. His cottage is just across the street from Capt. Lowry’s.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-10-1903

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