Clyde Dewilton Walker

Clyde was born April 5, 1889 at Arcadia, Fl to the parents of C. W. “Kyle” and Martha Jane “Mattie” (Mathis) Walker. By 1900 his family was living at Ft. Drum, Brevard County and Clyde was shown attending school at Fort Pierce, in St. Lucie County in 1905. Between these times he  also lived in Polk County. He was working at the Palmetto Phosphate Company at Tiger Bay in 1916. He married Alma Lee Black on April 25, 1916 at Ft Meade. While Living at Ft. Meade, Clyde and Alma had their first child, James, but the closing of the mine forced the family to relocate to Deland in Volusia County, where two more children were born, Helen and Clyde, Jr. On a visit to his wife's family in Citrus County, their last child, Ralph, was born. Clyde died a young man in Umitilla, Lake County, on April 29, 1925 from a hemorrhage to his spinal cord. He is buried at the Glendale Cemetery in Umitilla. His wife and four young children returned to Citrus County where the children were raised.


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