Hunting Transcribed

Jennie C. Matteal is getting to be a cracker-jack of a shot. She shot some more ducks on the wing Saturday. Look out Doug. Crystal River News: 12-8-11

The Mighty Hunters will leave Monday morning for the big scrub for a week’s hunting trip, namely; Otto Mente (?), S. T. Sistrunk, J. L. Smoak, Henry Livingston, Rev. C. C. Carroll, George Davis, J. P. Galloway, and Jim Driggers, the Ocklawaha game warden, with two or three others.

Crystal River News: 1-19-1907

Marion Co….Mr. George W. MacKay and Mr. G. S. Scott of Ocala, paid Col. Hyde a quail visit last week. We did not count the spoils and therefore cannot make a truthful report. They say however, that they did well. Ocala Evening Star: 12-2-08

Dr. Henley is now eating velvet black ducks, which he is killing on the lake…Inverness Chronicle. Source: Florida Financial: December 1909

Hunters report very few deer in the woods. Birds are plentiful, but there is little hunting because of the warm and dry weather. Quite a number of ducks are seen on the lake…Crystal River News.  Source: Florida Financial: December 1909

Messrs, Henry Livingston, Lee Miller, Lou Haley and A. A. Wheeler, of Tennessee, spent a week in the wilds of Chassahowitska, part of Citrus County between Homosassa and Bay Port. They shot a great plenty of ducks. One party, in his enthusiasm, said there were five acres of them. They saw five dear and one big bear, but they kept out of harm’s way. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-12-1903

The Hunters

The hunting microbe got in its work on Nov. 1st and by its insistant pressure impelled many parties of wily hunters into the field in search of the game which had, up to that time, found more or less protection under the state laws.

By twos mostly did they go, L. S. Sparkman and Ed Sykes went to Homosassa the night before to locate the birds which they were to bag on the  following day; G. W. Hyde and J. K. Eubanks; J. B. Cutler and J. T. Rawls; Mayor Ervin and B. Holder; Mr. Knight and Miss Mary Willis; J. E. Stevens and H. G. Miller were about the way they paired off.
We understand that seven deers were killed by Inverness hunters. Source: Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

Herman Miller went from his home, Sunday last, intent on putting a cow that had been, as he supposed, fataly injured out of its misery by shooting it. He knew it was Sunday and to place temptation as far as possible for (unable to read) on Sabbath, he took not a gun, but a revolver. His going out was legitimate and his armament was legitament. But, alas, his dogs calendar was out of order. It was either slow or fast and so the dog irreverently woke up a shmnolent deer at which H. fired and hit and brought home and which the writer had a generous slice. H. points with pride to the fact of his having only a revolver as, in his mind, that exonerates him of all intention! Sabath-breaking, but with the small weapon he brought down the mighty deer. David slaying the giant of Gath with a rock dwindles into an affair of meager diminsions beside the matter mentioned. The fat old giant, with a head as large as a tub was easy when compared to a bounding deer, flashing through the brush. The cow got well. Source: Crystal River News 12-8 1911

Parson Walker went turkey hunting Monday and located some fine birds, but did not get a shot. Tuesday morning he went back in the hope of getting a bird and mistaking another hunter, Smith Thompson who was in hiding, calling turkies up, for a bird, fired and filled his body full of shot. The man will likely survive. Both participants are colored men. Source: Crystal River News: 12-6-1912

Hunting License Required

Notice to hunters of game: It appears that the impression has gone out that no hunting license is required to hunt wild game in the State of Florida. The recent decision of the Supreme Court has sustained the law as it stood regarding the requirement of hunting licenses.

Therefore, no person is permitted to hunt wild game without first having obtained a license as required by said law. George W. de Muro, County Judge. Source: Crystal River News: 1-17-1916

Phil Cato has resigned his position as Deputy Game Warden. As the season is now open, that office is a superfluous one anyhow. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-5-1909

Masters Willie and Julian, sons of Judge W. S. Bullock, went down to Inverness Friday afternoon to enjoy an outing with dogs and guns. George Carter, sheriff elect of Citrus county, will see that they have a good time. Miss McCrary, a lovely and talented teacher in the Ocala school, accompanied the boys down the road. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-26-1904

Crystal River…Messrs. Hyde, Juhan and Stevens went to Gulf Hammock Wednesday. They had on display on our streets an alligator and a rattlesnake. It was reported that they also brought some bullfrogs, parts of which will be on the menu for one meal in the Hyde home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-26-1913


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