1907 Crystal River Publishing Company List of Stockholders

The following were the stockholders of the Crystal River Publishing Company and the list of shares subscribed by each. The shares were ten dollars each.

C. A. Miller, 10 shares
C. E. Herrick, 10 shares
T. F. Hoy, 5 shares
W. D. Edwards & Company, 10 shares
N. Barco, 20 shares
G. W. Hyde, 10 shares
A. S. King, 10 shares
Q. Hay, 5 shares
J. T. Rawls, 10 shares
J. J. Priest, 5 shares
Crystal Ice Company, 10 shares
H. E. Charpia, 11 shares
C. E. Allen, 15 shares
R. J. Knight, 25 shares
J. L. Gillooly, 15 shares
R. L. Turner, 5 shares

Source: Ocala Evening Star:  4-13-1907
Transcribed, Formatted and  Submitted by Linda Flowers

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