Known Cattle Dipping Vats in Citrus County

Durring the period between the 1910s and the 1950s cattle vats throughout the state were filled with arsenic and other pesticides for the purpose of controling and eradicating the cattle fever tick. All farm animals were required by state law to be dipped every 14 days. There is now a concern that these abandoned vats may pose a health hazzard to the environment, therefore efforts are underway to locate these vats. The following list are the known vats located within Citrus County. If you can identify the location of  any of these vats, you are encouraged to contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Family/Facility Sites Year
Allen 1931
Bellamy 1931
Berry 1931
Beville 1931
Cannon 1931
Cason 1931
Citronell 1931
Copper Springs 1931
Crystal River 1931
Floral City 1931
Hawkins 1931
Hernando 1931
Holder 1931
Homosassa Holder 1931
Inglis Bridge 1931
Inverness 1931
Lecanto 1931
Leggett Pond 1931
Lightsey 1931
Lone Oak 1931
Mansfield 1931
Munroe 1931
Nick Horne 1931
Perryman 1931
Peterson 1931
Pineola 1931
Red 1931
Robertson, Pete 1931
Rodgers 1931
Rooks 1931
Smith 1931
Southern 1931
Spivey 1931
Turner 1931
Turner Camp 1931
Vanness 1931
Withalacootchee State Forest #1 Unk
Withalacootchee State Forest #2 Unk
Withalacootchee State Forest # 3 Unk
Wynn 1931

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

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