1902 Citrus County Election Returns

1902 Citrus County Election Returns

Hon. W. K. Jackson’s majority over Col. W. C. Zimmerman for the legislature was 13 votes. The former received 290, the latter 277. G. J. Boswell was elected tax assessor over Jesse Landrum, 93, Jas. T. Williams, 91, by a majority of 192. County treasurer, B. F. Wilson, 312; Col. Nic Barco; no majority.

County Commissioners

First District…W. B. Edwards, 451

Second District…J. H. Gerock, 196; A. P. Sharp, 154; Warren S. Paul. 62; R. T. Willis, 116. No majority.

Neither of the candidates for commissioner from that district having received a majority of the votes cast, it will be necessary for the two receiving the largest vote, Gerock and Sharp, to make a second race.

Third District…J. D. Spooner, 209; J. Y. Barnes, 306. Barnes majority, 97.

Fourth District…G. O. Powell, 91; R. A. Lowery, 389. Lowery’s majority 298.

Fifth District…R. H. Matson, Sr., 212; J. S. Van Ness, 280. Van Ness majority, 68.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-18-1902

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