Let's Go Fishing

Let's explore the fishing industry of Citrus County along with the occasional angler. We might even find a fish tale or two along the way! If you have any newspaper articles and would like to have them added here under this category, I will be happy to do so. Thanks!

Large Gar Caught Knox 1953 View
Good Success Cato, Williams 1916 View
300 Pounds of Grouper Caught Kant, Glasco 1953 View
Two Visitors Each Catch A Tarpon  Dourr, Crellin, Holder, Allan 1902 View
Not Sure About Fishing  Butler 1911 View
A Say at Shell Island Davis, Theus 1911 View
A Day of Fishing Warnock 1911 View
Angler Hooks Big Owl Stamm, Aldred 1927 View
Unlucky Day of Fishing Williams 1908 View
Fishing and Oyster Excursion Bullock, Davis, Blitch, Smith, Stefford, Hay, Lansford 1909 View
Taste Good and Looks Good Willis 1914 View
Anti-Netting Law is Working Hyde 1909 View
Fell Overboard While Fishing Bull, Whaley 1901 View
Anti-Seining Law Helps 1910 View
The One That Got Away Williams 1914 View
Mammoth Whale Gilley, O'Brian 1914 View
New Fish House Baker, Head 1915 View
Against The Law No Surnames 1914 View
What Else Could Go Wrong Morgan, Hough, McCloud, Mantina 1915 View
Tarpon In December Burkett 1916 View
Fish And Oyster Industries Hyde, Stevens, Eubanks 1914 View
Caught Ten Swordfish DeLeon, Bass 1914 View
Successful Fishing Trip Waddington 1915 View
A Fine Fishing Trip Warnock, Callahan, Kinsey, Buie 1916 View
Loaded With Gators Thompson 1915 View
Heavy Laden Stephens 1915 View
Fishing With The Judge Davis, Bullock, Phillips 1914 View
Purchased Fish And Oyster Business Blay, Black, Eubanks, Stephens 1908 View
One Day's Fishing Warnock, Wrigglesworth, Butler 1911 View
First Spanish Mackrel Black 1911 View
Pretty Good For A Boy Anroy 1912 View
Homosassa Fishing Club No Surnames 1903 View
68 LB. Tarpon & 28 LB. Channell Bass Caught Allen, Williard, King, True 1889 View

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