Oscar the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Garet Van A. Anroy caught a ten pound redfish last Saturday. Pretty good for a boy…don’t you think.    Crystal River News: 12-6-1912.

Walter F. Warnock, Rev. Callahan, C. E. Kinsey, R. I. Buie and others of Inverness enjoyed a fine fishing trip out to the gulf Thursday of last week. Capt. Willis took them down on the “Juanita.” Crystal River News: 1-7-1916

The Luchgenbach of Gulf Fish and Oyster Line, Capt. Gene Thompson commanding came into port this a.m. The yacht “Croaker” loaded with gators in bulk, the largest measuring 12 ft. 7 in. arrived and anchored off the Cedar Mill. Pilot boat “Rover” dropped down stream at 4 a.m. and passed out to sea. Crystal River News: 5-1915

The big launch “Noname”  of Rep. J. E. Stephens fleet, serving Crystal Fish and Oyster Co. came into port Friday heavy laden with fish and tied to Stephens’s pier. Crystal River News: 5-1915

Crystal River…Col. Ed Davis of Orlando was here a day or two last week and went out to the gulf on a fishing trip with Judge Bullock and J. P. Phillips of Ocala Friday.  Ocala Evening  Star: 11-1914

Messrs J. K. Eubanks and J. E. Stephens have purchased the fish and oyster business of Messrs Blay and Black of Crystal River making the new concern the largest distributors of  fish and oysters in that section. 

Ocala Evening Star…1-14-1908

The Homosassa Fishing Club of Atlanta will leave that city January 12, proceed to Homosassa, Fla. and spend the remainder of the month fishing and hunting. Ocala Evening Star: 12-1-03

Citrus County has on exhibit today, a Tarpon weighing 68 pounds, caught yesterday at Crystal River and a channel bass weighing 28 pounds, caught by Mr. Allen, a guest of Captain Williard at Homosassa. The Tarpon was caught by Mr. Eli King of Crystal River and Mr. True, of Rochester, N. Y. There are some elegant samples of inlaid furniture, made from native woods, the product of Floral City in the Citrus county display that are well worth examining, also an elaborate display of dressed skins and hides. Ocala Banner: 4-1-1889

Dove Like A Duck and Rose Like A Cork

Captain John R. Whaley, the paternal ancestor of “our Sid,” in company with W. C. Bull and several other kindred spirits, enjoyed a piscatorial outing on the limpid waters of Crystal River the other day, the finest fishing ground on this continent. 

They had trolled downstream about three miles and filled the bottom of their boat with beauties of the finny tribe and as it was the hour of the day when nature abhors a vacuum, they purposed a landing for the purpose of eating a square meal. All the crew had safely landed, but Captain Whaley and as he crossed the boat he inadvertently stepped on a fish, slipped and fell and turned as neat a somersault into the water as ever was made. The splash of the waters attracted his companions and they turned to make a rescue, but as the Captain went down like a duck and came up serenely like a cork, struck out beautifully for the shore, disdaining any help proffered. In the dip he lost his sombrero. But it was soon rescued and the incident marked a period of great hilarity when it was discovered no harm had befallen Captain Whaley. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-19-1901

Fishing with hook and line in the waters of Crystal River is said to be better than for a number of years. The anti-seining law has prevented the fish in the water being molested and in consequence the river is fast filling up with fine game food fish. Source: Crystal River News…Florida Financial Industrial Record: 2-5-1910

A. D. Willliams had a very long tarpon line out in the water Wednesday night and after he had retired he heard such a noise he jumped out of bed to find an immense tarpon hooked. This fish jumped way out of the water several times and finally broke the strong rope and away he went, much to A. D.’s disappointment. Several young couples that were out on the dock saw and heard the tarpon, so it is no fish story. Source: Crystal River News: 7-31-1914


There will be an exodus for the Gulf on April 26th on a fishing an oyster excursion. Among those elected from Ocala are Judge W. S. Bullock, State’s Attorney E. W. Davis and an invitation to the editors of the Star, Dr. Blitch and others. A number of Crystal River people will be in evidence, notably Dug Smith, Mr. Stafford and Mr. Hay. Mr. Lansford, the piano man, is promoting this enjoyable outing. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-12-1909

Dock Willis stopped by the news office Wednesday and showed us a beautiful string of black bass. It was certainly a fine two hour’s catch. It did us good to look at them and then some more good when he divided with us. Thanks, doctor. They tasted as good as they looked. Source: Crystal River News: 8-28-14

Crystal River News says Col. G. W. Hyde is getting to be quite skillful with a rod and reel. Wednesday morning he landed several fine specimens of finny tribe, demonstrating that a great breakfast mess can easily be caught and that the anti-netting law is increasing the number of fish in the river. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-5-1909

Big Owl Hooked As Angler Casts In River Waters

Something new in the usual run of fish stories was brought back Tuesday by Frank J. Stamm, Jr., city building inspector, who spent the weekend fishing for bass in the Withlacoochee River near Inverness.

B. H. Aldred, fishing in the Stamm party, had the experience of hooking a large screech owl, relieving the monotony of bass, perch, garfish and mudfish, which had been taking his bait. Aldred made a long cast in open water. Feeling his line tighten, he began to reel in. The line gradually rose from the water and came to rest in the top of a tall tree along the bank. Aldred then found the bait plug had been taken aloft by a large owl, which managed to free itself from the hooks.

The party brought home 17 black bass and a large number of other fish. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-1-27

Mr. Williams, connected with our government building, went down to Crystal River Saturday to enjoy the sport of fishing for tarpon, but he did not catch any. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-14-1908

The first Spanish Mackrel that we have seen this season was brought to town by Mr. Jasper Black on Tuesday morning last. Source: Crystal River News: 3-10-1911

We note in some of our exchanges notices frequently appear of the catches of four or five fish from an adjacent lake or stream. Some of them should no doubt be pleasantly surprised to spend a day fishing on our river. The result of their day's fishing would no doubt cause the lovers of that sport to :check their track to Crystal River." One hundred sheepshead, twenty-five trout, seveenteen red fish and several others, making in all a hundred and fifty-three fishes in three hours is the record of two boys who proved this assertion by showing the fish. The attention of Maj. Butler of Gainesville, Wrigglesworth of Live Oak and Warnock of Inverness is called to this notice. Source: Crystal River News: 4-21-1911


Attempt Will Probably Be Made To Capture Him

Mr. J. W. Gilley of  Port Inglis, reports that while coming up the river last Saturday in company with L. R. Brown, H. Swinney and W. H. O'Bryan they spotted a huge fish about one mile from Crystal River, at Miller Creek, as they drew nearer, the moster gave a tremendous splash which threatened to drown the party as well as everything else on the river, and Mr. Gilley made the discovery that it was a grampus whale. Mr. Gilley has had much experience on the briney deep and says he knows a whale when he sees one. He says that it was 40 or 45 feet in length and he hadn't had anything stronger than coffee that morning either. Sevral other people have reported seing the whale within the last few days. There is some talk of getting up an expedition and making an effort to capture this huge fish with harpoons. Source: Crystal River News: 7-10-1914

The Baker and Head Fish Company have erected a very nice new fish house here and are very busy. We are glad to see two such hustling young men succeed. Source: Crystal River News: 4-23-1915

Sunday p. m., Capt. Jack Morgan commanding Com. Hough's launch, Slowdrag, with Red Hensen, Engineer; D. H. McCloud, Mate; Preston Manting, Deckhand invited your reporter to a trip to a bathing. Needless to say our launch is properly named-besides we had to man the pumps 12 times the first mile, after which the engineer discovered that the propeller shaft had lost her packing and was taking water at about two hogsheads per minute. With the assistance of a pair of discarded stockings found in the locker the packing was soon adjusted when the party of merry singers went on their way rejoicing and joined the large party of bathers who preceeded them. The return trip was without incident other than Capt. Morgan ran aground and deck-hand Manting had to Dismantle, wade in and pull her off. Party arrived at dock at 8:30 after a delightful afternoon. Source: Crystal River News: 5-21-1915

Tarpon In December

It has been conceeded for some years that Crystal River is the fisherman's paradise for bass, trout, sheephead, brim, red fish, mullet, etc, but the beautiful crystal waters have of late become the favorite feeding ground of the famous silver king, to capture one of which our wealthy northern brothers and sisters spend every spring thousands of dollars, the large majority of them getting not even a strike. The southern peninsular coast has heretofore been the section selected by lovers of tarpon fishing.  Nestled away at the headwaters of the stream of the same name. fanned by the balmy breezes of the Mexic gulf only seven miles distant, Crystal River will in the future take her proper place among the fishing resorts as the winter tarpon town. Evidence: On the 29th and 30th of  Dec. Mr. T. N. Burkett of Lincoln, Neb., a regular winter resident, landed three of the fascinating fighters from the river in (the Stratner-the Rock) section, the largest of the giant fish weighing 151 lbs. Source: Crystal River News: 1-7-1916

Mr. Claude DeLeon and his partner D. S. Bass, caught ten sword fish Wednesday night, and made the editor a present of five of the saws, which were duly appreciated. Source: Crystal River News: 8-28-1914

The Waddingtons, fishermen, brought in a 35 pound jew fish, or grouper, Tuesday morning. Harry F. was one of the first callers at the dock after the arrival of the big fish. Source: Crystal River News: 3-12-1915

We understand that some party or parties are fishing the river with nets at night. This is strictly against the law and it should be stopped. Source: Crystal River News: 7-31-1914

The Crystal River Fish and Oyster Industries

In this issue of the Star will be seen the advertisements of the Gulf Coast Fish and Oyster Company, G. W. Hyde, propriotor and the Crystal Fish & Oyster Co., J. E. Stevens and J. K. Eubanhs, propriotors, of Crystal River, the two large companies of that pretty little city dealing in these products. While the companies are keen rivals they do a clean competitive business to get its products into more homes of the state and Georgia, and even beyond, and are always boosting for their home town.

The fish and oyster business has for more than fifty years played a big part in the commercial development of Crystal River and the fame of the dainty sea foods coming from the place has gone abroad throughout the land till the name and products are well fixed in the minds of those who appreciate good fish and oysters and verily, no waters on the face of the earth produce finer of either product than those comprising the Crystal River territory. Source: Crystal River News: 9-4-1914

Hon. W. F. Warnock, proprietor of the Citrus County Chronicle and Clerk of the Circuit Court, enjoyed a day of fishing in Crystal River yesterday. He reports a great time. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-3-1911

Some Tarpon

Captain Buckshot Williams informs the Star that Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hunt of New York City, who are spending the season at Crystal River, were out on the river yesterday trying their luck for the first tarpon of the season and at 4 p. m. Mr. Hunt hooked a 119-pounder and an hour later Mrs. Hunt, after a wonderful play with the gamey fish, landed a 126-pounder. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt are enthusiastic over the success that attended their efforts. Source:

Crystal River…Editor George Butler says he is a little leary about accepting the invitations of his Crystal River friends to go tarpon fishing. We are of the opinion that a more comical sight could hardly be imagined than Major Butler on one end of a fish line and a tarpon on the other. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-8-1911

Shell Island…Wallace Davis pulled in a ten pound red fish at Bull’s Slough last Saturday. Mrs. P. J. Theus got an immence sheepshead of which she is very proud. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-8-1911

Caught Two Tarpon

Messrs. P. N. Dourr, of Cincinnati, and J. C. Crellin, , of Isle of Man, who, with their host, Edward Holder, have been fishing at Crystal River for a week or ten days, came up today, having been called home on account of a death in Mr. Dourr’s family.

While at Crystal River the party stopped with Mrs. Mary Allan and are more than pleased with the elegant hotel she is keeping, the new twenty room Dixon Hotel. Both Mr. Crellin and Mr. Dourr were fortunate enough to catch a fine tarpon, big fish, which gave them some splendid sport. Mr. Holder accompanied his guests to Ocala to see them off to home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-29-1902


A party brought in 300 pounds of grouper after a day spent on the Gulf Sunday(1953). Included in the party were Mr. And Mrs. Bill Kant and Mrs. Jimmy Glasco of Inverness. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 5-16-1963

Dock Willis stopped by the News office Wednesday and showed us a beautiful string of black bass. It was certainly a fine two hour’s catch. It did us good to look at them, and then some more good, when he divided with us. Thanks, doctor. They tasted as good as they look. Source: Crystal River News: 8-28-1914

T. C. Cato and W. Williams enjoyed a fishing trip with good success down on Chessahowitka this week. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-5-16

1953…A 40-pound gar, that measured five feet two inches, was caught by Spurgeon Knox, of Columbian, Tenn., in Lake Hernando on Sunday afternoon. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-24-63


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