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CITRONELL…In looking over your paper, I see dots and sketches from different parts of the state, but I see nothing from our little burg Citronelle, Florida just as though we were not in it, but we are here to stay unless the various oil wells that are being put down near here do not ignite and burn us out. However, I do not think this will be the case as the proprietors and laborers are all good men and use every means to prevent any accident. Citronelle is the turpentine center of this section having two stills here and one at Sulpher Springs all running at full blast. A new saw mill is now being installed and it is hoped that it will be up and running by the 25th of the month. This is a quiet, healthy location, good people, and good schools. We have a good church and a good preacher. The Ocala Banner: 5-11-1906.

Shell Island located at the mouth of Crystal River is a favorite resort for hunters, fishermen and pleasure seekers. Crystal River News: 12-8-1911

On Saturday, Walter Ray of Elliston, bought a 40 acre tract of phosphate land from Capt. W. J. Hilman. The land is near Floral City and one of the largest and richest deposits of phosphate rock in the county has been discovered on this land. We failed to learn the consideration.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-12-1901

Within Two miles of Crystal River, just a pleasant ride or bicycle run or brisk walk, through delightful piney woods, there is a sulphur spring, 1,500 feet deep, hot as one could bear to bathe in, gushing through a pipe, leaving prismatic colors all about. At this place a company was boring for oil and after striking several springs with more or less sulphur, which they despised and passed, they came upon this one and had stopped work for the time being. This is a most interesting place to visit, and on the way one can stop at the “Wishing Well” and drink the wonderfully clear water while wishing your dearest wish. It is quite as efficacious as the famous Blarney stone, if not more so... Crystal River News…

Source: Florida Financial: 1-1910

The Government Dredge on Crystal River

The government dredge Florida is already at work, making preliminaries to the beginning of the dredge work. This vessel will be for here about six months and will put Crystal River on the map in Big Black Bold face type before she leaves us. Captain Bie is an experienced gentleman in his line and he has spoken very encouraging about this project.

Every factory, mill and business enterprise is moving with the air of pride and progress; the people here are all happy and contented. Labor is scarce and wages high. There are a number of very nice positions open for sober, industrious young men and some good business openings. Now keep cool and watch us grow…Crystal River News…
Source: Ocala Banner: 8-17-1906

Messer’s McIver & MacKay have just commenced work on a big phosphate plant for Dunnellon Phosphate Co. at section # 7 in Citrus Co. between Dunnellon and Holder to take the place of one burned there several months ago. The firm had the contract for some time but has been unable to commence work on account of the high water.---Ocala Star Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 9-17-1909

The Inverness Company is having a right of way cleared from Main St. to the depot preparatory to building a hard surface sidewalk which is very much needed and when completed will be a great improvement. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 9-17-1909


Floral City has a real estate boom. Much land changing hands and many improvements made to homes. The prosperous little town of Floral City is experiencing a small boom in real estate transactions according to B. T. Keating, prominent citizen of the city. Mr. Keating says that many pieces of real estate has changed hands during the past several weeks and that there is much work going on in repairing and remodeling buildings. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 2-4-1937

Mr. W. L. Martin, the fluent and talented editor of the Crystal River News, dropped in on us Saturday and is still chanting the praises of Crystal River. The Gainsville and Gulf is heading for his city and there are other forces at work, which he believes will make Crystal River a city of some size in a very few years. If Pearson’s oil wells should develop into a “gusher” Mr. Martin’s city will quickly become one of the most populous and important in the state. Mr. Martin was on his way to Anthony to spend Sunday with his family. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-13-06

Our town is on the upward grade and is going at the rate of sixty miles an hour, and before many more moons Dunnellon and Ocala merchants will be coming to Crystal River to buy their hardware, grain, hay and groceries. Mark our prediction…Crystal River News- Source: Ocala Banner: 2-10-1905

Crystal River Promoters

Dr. G. N. Davis of Crystal River was in the city this morning on his way to Live Oak, to secure an assistant dentist for his office, so great is the work pouring in on him. The doctor is branching out. He has leased and renovated the Hotel Elwin at Crystal River and will run it in first class style. He is also the prime mover in organizing the West Coast Transportation and Wreckage Company, who propose to do things and have already chartered a 350-ton steamer to ply between New Orleans , Crystal River and Port Inglis and other West Coast ports with several other vessels. This move will add greatly to the commercial prosperity and growth of Crystal River. The officers of the company are: J. D. Millard, president; Dr. Walter E. Armstrong, vice-president; Dr. G. N. Davis, secretary and treasurer; D. W. Watkins, business manager; T. F. Head, superintendent of vessels. Besides those named Mrs. A. M. Davis, of Birmingham, Ala. And Dr. Perry Bergin, of McIntosh are stockholders and incorporators with a number of the most important names in Crystal River. The enterprise is an important one and means much for the section it will touch. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-1-1905

Crystal River Prospects

Mr. Cliff Herrick, the popular and successful manager of the Crystal River Cedar Mill was in town Saturday and said they were putting in a pair of 159 horse power boilers, so that the mill could run every working day in the year, making their present power double its capacity. He said the present output of pencils was 1000 gross a day, but when he got in his new power he supposed to supply the daily make of the Dixon Crucible Works at Jersey City, which is 1200 gross a day.

In speaking of Crystal River’s growth, he said it was wonderful, and that now there is prospect of deep water. The U. S. dredge is breaking the record for instead of finding hard rock at the bottom of the river, it turns out to be oyster beds, and the suction cups are just lifting them from their hiding and if it can only continue at work it will not be many years before Crystal River will possess a fifteen foot channel and see large sailing vessels and steamers coming up to the docks with cargoes of merchandise and going out with lumber and phosphates. It surely looks as if “the town” of Citrus County will be Crystal River-its prospects do look so promising.

Source: Ocala Evening Star…1-18-1904

W. E. Allen, road contractor has commenced work surfacing the city road between this place and Fairmount, which is about four miles. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-1-1909

A telephone line connecting Crystal River with the prosperous farming settlement of Lecanto turpentine stills of Davis and McIntosh at Lecanto and Fairmount is being put in. Source: Tampa Tribune: 10-11-1911

At a meeting of the stockholders of the Inverness Power Company held at the courthouse Tuesday night, it was decided that the company would install water works for the town in connection with the plant. Messrs. Baxter Morrison, W. H. Boswell and J. L. Connell, the board of directors of the company, were instructed to immediately proceed with the project and it is believed that it will be completed in two or three months.  Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-13-1912

Chatterton…W. M. Brooks, of Chatterton appeared before the county commissioners of Citrus county and tried to persuade them to increase their appropriation towards building the bridge at Stoke’s ferry, across the Withlacoochee river $50, making their amount $200, but they refused. The bridge will connect the two counties, Marion and Citrus, Marion agreeing to pay two-thirds of the expense if Citrus would give the other third. The bridge will cost about $900. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-18-1901

Inverness…Inverness is enjoying a steady growth of which its citizens are very proud. The new Seaboard put on its regular schedule last week which is a great convenience to this place. A citizen of Inverness can now go to Jacksonville and return in the same day. The officials have expressed their intention of completing the road to Tampa. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-3-1911

More than 50 persons attended a dinner in Hernando (1958),to honor four men for their work in bringing in more water into the Hernando lakes. Those honored were; Frank Leslie, N. B. Spires, Ellis Roberts and L. B. Noris. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 5-2-1963

Erection of a community building at Floral City (1938), just east of the Masonic Hall, was authorized this week as a WPA project, and will cost $8,326. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-24-1963

Fishermen, hunters, conservationists and owners of property on the Chassahowitzka River will be glad to know that there is little likelihood that the government will dredge this famous stream (1948). Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-24-1963

New Phosphate Plant

Mr. Tom Sexton has severed his connection with Edward Hiller & Co., and will at once begin the erection of a fine modern phosphate plant on land recently purchased by him near Hernando in Citrus county.Mr. Sexton’s deposit of rock is very extensive and of high grade. He is one of the recognized phosphate experts and successful and practical miners in the South, has made money for other people, which is the best evidence that he can do so for himself. Mr. Sexton will continue to reside in Ocala. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-9-1905

Crystal River To Offer Bond Issues For Improvement

Crystal River, Aug. 9…The town council of Crystal River has decided on improvements, including a complete water and sewer system and sidewalks and improvement of the streets. Bonds wre voted some time ago for the work.

Engineers were employed to prepare estimates for a complete system of civic improvements. As soon as these estimates are finished the bonds will be advertised and sold. The town council has been assured by several bond buyers that the issue can be sold at a good price.

During the last six months there has been much building and the demand for a comprehensive city plan has become important. Source: Tampa Tribune: 8-10-1926

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