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The Coastal Heritage Mueum opened in 1986. The building is the former City Hall, which was built in 1939 and placed on theNational Register of Historic places May 29, 1998. Natural limestone (locally quarried), makes up the exterior of the building while the ceilings on the interior are of magnolia wood. The museum is located at 532 N Citrus Ave., just off US Hwy19, downtown Crystal River. 
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Some Crystal River history on display. Plenty to see. Drop on by!

A family fishing on the Crystal River. Nets used for mullet fishing.

A photo of the museum during the "No Name" storm" of 1993. A scene depicting the fishing industry and recreation
 of Crystal River on view in the museum.

One of the original Crystal River jail cells relocated to the museum.n
In the foreground is the "Mystery Bell" found in 30' of water at
King's Spring in the Crystal River in 1996.
A photo from the past. Nets are shown drying after a hard days work of mullet fishing.

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