Oak Grove, FL "Head of Households" - 1920

Miley, James H. 67 Farmer
Fitzgerald, Henry M. 57  Farmer
Campbell, George C. 66 Farmer
Miley, F. S. 33 Farmer
Miley, James T. 35 Farmer
Rodgers, T. Jackson 51 Farmer
Rodgers, T. Jefferson 44 Farmer
Sharp, Porter 66 Farmer
Thompson, Alfred 36 Farm Labor
Baker, John H. 41 Log Sawyer
Aldridge, John 46 Log Sawyer
Walters, Abraham 40 Log Loader
Allen, Cash 39 Log Loader
Griggs, Albert 33 Teamster
Forest, Janes 32 Teamster
Williams, John T. 45 Log Sawyer
Page, William 24 Log Sawyer
Wilkinson, Bert 25 Teamster
Thomas, Barney 40 Log Sawyer

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