Historic Cemetery

Sites in Citrus County

The Citrus County Historical Society participated in a survey of the sites in mid-1990s. The FNSF number was assigned by the Bureau of Historic Preservation of the Florida Department of State. Site numbers are pending for sites identified with **.

FNSF      Period                 Name                                       Notes

939    1870-1900   Shiloh               Off CR 480, Between CR 491 &
                                        CR 581, a small African-American
                                        within the Withlacoochee
                                        State Forest.  Still in use.

260    1832-1912   Williams             Steamboat and Mining Era to 
                                        present day.  African-American
                                        community of Floral City.

933    1890-1920   Citronelle           Located in Citronelle.  Total
                                        internments: 40

952    1861-1900   Burke                Donated by William Homer 
                                        Burke in late 1800.  Earliest
                                        gravestone of Isaiah F. Burke
                                        1861-19??.  Located in Holder.

948    1865-1930   Crystal River        Located between NE 4th Ave. &
                                        NE 3rd Ave. on 3rd Street in 
                                        Crystal River.  Families located
                                        after the Civil War.

333    1890-1950   Dampier              This is the location of one of
                                        the pioneer families of the 
                                        Tompkinsville (Inverness) Com-
                                        munity.  Patriarch:  Francis
                                        Marion Dampier, leading business-
                                        man and government official in 
                                        late 19th century.

942    1832-1912   Frazier              Located off Great Oaks Drive in 
                                        Floral City.  Steamboat and Mining
                                        Era African-American cemetery 
                                        donated by H. C. Frazier.

250    1837-1912   Hills of Rest        Located in Floral City on US 41.
                                        The cemetery is located on the 
                                        old Stage Coach route connecting 
                                        Sumter, Marion, and Hernando 
                                        (partly Citrus) Counties.  This
                                        was very populous area during the
                                        early 19th century.

320    1866-1920   Magnolia             Located in Lecanto at the inter-
                                        section of SR 44 and CR 491.  
                                        Many pioneer families located in
                                        the area.  Fifteen Confederate &
                                        three Union soldiers buried here.

445    1887-1891   Mannfield            Located at the historic site of 
                                        first county seat, abandoned in 

941    1835-1890   New Hope             Located near southeast county line
                                        1.25 miles north of Istachatta next
                                        to the New Hope Community Church.

946    1890-1912   Orleans              Mining Era settlement of Orleans 
                                        is now abandoned.  Located in With-
                                        lacoochee Forest at Trail 10, 0.8
                                        miles south of CR 581.

930    1840-1910   Red Level            Located off old Tallahassee Road
                                        (US 19).  One of the earliest in 
                                        Citrus County.  Earliest internment
                                        was Maria Edwards (1807-1862)

953    1890-1912   Rooks-Bellamy        Located near Old Floral City Road
                                        800 feet north of CR 39A.  Eleven 
                                        graves of Rooks and Bellamy family
                                        located in the private cemetery.

330    1870-1900   Stage Pond           Located on south side of CR 480
                                        on original Stagecoach route from
                                        Ocala to Brooksville.

955                Van Ness             Private cemetery of the Van Ness
                                        family.  Cemetery is located north
                                        of Inverness on US 41.

**                 King                 This 112 year old cemetery is
                                        being restored. 

**     1892-1920   Pine Hill            Located next to the Oak Hill 
                                        cemetery in Inverness.  A total 
                                        of 220 burials were covered over
                                        until 1988.  The cemetery is again
                                        being used by the African-Ameri-
                                        can community of Inverness.