Frazier Cemetery was established in 1908 and has the honor of being placed on the "Florida Black Heritage Trail." Arthur Norton who died in
 1986 at 109  and believed to be the oldest known resident of Citrus County is buried here. In his book, "African American Sites In Florida,"
 written by Kevin M. McCarthy, he states; "Some markers have no name attached to them; others have faded wooden crosses or marble
 headstones."  The cemetery is located on Great Oak Dr. about 1/2 mile south of Orange Ave. on the southwest corner of US 41.

Cemetery transcribed and submitted to the FLGenWeb Project, Inc. by Kathleen Belfiore Schuman along with the
 photographs. Please note  this is Copyrighted material and can not be used without Kathleen's consent. You may
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Bloomfield, Cathrine 1832 Mar 27 1912 Inscription...At Rest
Duckett, Samuel J Feb 27 1909 Jun 8 1973 Inscription...FL PVT US ARMY WWII
Frazier, H. C. 1854 1919 Inscription...Father
Gamble, Peter Jun 2 1877 May 21 1966
Hasley, J.R. Apr 2 1874 Jan 28 1910
Ingram, Douglas 1916 1991 Inscription...US ARMY WWII
Jinks, Mary Mar 23 1888 Jan 8 1988
Johnson, C. H. Rev. Jan 8 1896 Jun 14 1984 Inscription...We Love You
Lennon, Luke 1838 1922
Miller, Winnie 1902 1973 Inscription...Our Beloved Aunt
Norton, Arthur 1878 1986
Vickers, Bertie Jan 25 1874 Sep 23 1957
Vickers, Boston Rev. Nov 10 1912 Apr 20 2002 Inscription...Your Friend, Zanders
Vickers, Pinkey Aug 17 1880 Apr 26 1958
Walker, Arthur May 20 1874 Aug 12 1918
Washington, Rosetta Apr 21 1907 1836
Williams, Fannie 1861 1950 Inscription...We Will Meet Again

Note: Although Arthur Norton was not listed for this cemetery, after reading of the history of Floral City
and Frazier Cemetery I have included it. Any other names to be added will be as soon as I am made aware
of them. See contact below.

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