Business As Usual

Let's look at some of the businesses that were operating in Citrus County in the early years. Perhaps you will find a relative who owned their own business.  Below I have the name of an article, surname WHERE APPLICABLE and  date. aS Y0U CAN SEE...THERE IS A NEW LOOK TO OUR PAGE, BUT THE SAME VALUABLE INFORMATION REMAINS. eNJOY YOUR VISIT!

Formed Co_Partnership Black, Vereen, Edwards 1897 View
Newspaper Has A New Editor Turner, More 1900 View
Successful Businessman Resumes Mining Pyne 1900 View
A New Administrator For Hospital Parks 1958 View
New Barbecue Stand Woodford 1958 View
Moving Drugstore To New Location Knight, Taylor, Puterbauld 1905 View
Automobile Concern Sold
Groves, Mason, Ivey, Hoyt, Moon 1927 View
New Crab Market Chaney, Henley
1958 View
A New Phosphate Plant Soon Dutton 1906 View
Assists In Sale At Mercantile Store Hood,  Edwards 1909 View
Liverry Business Sold Johnson, Colly, Spencer 1913 View
Editor OF Crystal River News A Busy Man Martin 1906 View
Local Merchant's Store Robbed Grace 1909 View
Mercantile Store Being Remodeled Edwards, Miller, Willis 1914 View
Crystal River Has A Traveling Dentist Rodgers 1909 View
Rumors of Jewelers Death Unfounded Burt, Reed 1904 View
Has Built Up Immense Business Williams 1906 View
New Arrival Purchases Fish House Steele, Irwin 1916 View
Ford Garage Has New Owner Boughton 1923 View
Will Apply For Charter On New Business Hobbs 1905 View
Foundation Poured For New Supermarket Coburn 1953 View
 Owners Here Looking Over Their Mines Tuttle, Hamm 1917 View
New Factory for Crystal River Kelsey, Knight 1905 View
Furniture Store Opened Clyatt, Boellert, Woodward 1908 View
Sawmill to be Moved Rawls 1908 View
New Phosphate Co. for Floral City Jumeau 1901 View
Purchased Meat Mkt and Will Move Beck, Nixon 1908 View
May Partner Up in Fish Business Miller, Black 1908 View
New Owner of Phosphate Mine Branches Out Camp 1900 View
Is Now in the Grocery Business Black 1908 View
A New Fish House Baker, Head 1915 View
Clothes Cleaner Has New Location Park 1911 View
Post Office Moves to New Location Slater 1915 View
Is Now Superintendent of Crate Mill Hopkins 1911 View
A New Druggist in Town Leigh 1914 View
Crystal River Bustling and Growing Martin, Bennett 1906 View
Going Into Fish and Oyster Business Hull, Kindred 1901 View
Taking Charge of Crystal River News Bowie 1909 View
Fishing Industry Profiled
1905 View
Addition to Meat Market Hurst
1911 View
Purchases Drug Store Irwin 1914 View
Grocery Store Moves To Better Location Black 1914 View
Crystal River Gets  Machine Shop Hyde, Dale 1914 View
Post Office Moves Slater 1915 View
Takes Charge of Hotel Martin 1906 View
Twenty Room Hotel Opens Dixon, Allen 1902 View
Head of the Williams Fish Company Williams 1914 View
A Big Saw Mill For Crystal River Camp, Knight, Rawls 1902 View
Crystal River Makes Strides
Barco, Pearson, Williams, Adams,  Green, Harrick Fackler
A New Hotel For Inverness
Having Successful Season Hoy 1903 View
Freight & Passenger Boat for the Island Strandberg 1914 View
Oyster Canning Factory Being Erected Gibson 1908 View
Inverness Lumber Co. Buys 20,000 Acres Hillman 1902 View
Empire Phosphate Co. Builds New Plant 1901 View
Business Man Hustles to Crystal River's Benefit Fackler 1905 View
Crystal River Has New Pharmacist Kemp 1912 View
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