John E. King

John E. King was born May 13, 1861 at King’s Ferry in Nassau County, Florida to the parents of Josiah and Mary N. (Swearington) King. He was the youngest of six children.  He moved to Hernando County, but when Citrus County was cut from Hernando he found himself a citizen of Citrus County. John married Sibbiah Elizabeth Morrison on October 14, 1888. They had seven children. She died June 10, 1915.

John was chosen as the first tax collector for Citrus County, a position he held for ten years. While serving as tax collector he wrote up the plat for Tompkinsville, (now Inverness) in 1887 on 160 acres of land. He was a postmaster of Lecanto, a farmer, real estate agent and in 1901 was  recording clerk for the State Senate. He was elected Senator in 1916 and quickly advocated an increase in pensions for confederate veterans and their widows. He also urged a higher pay scale for teachers and thought there was a need for a new constitution as well.  

John believed there should be a history written on Citrus County showing the growth from its frontier beginning until the current time period and after making the suggestion for such, he was chosen to write the history.Nothing ever came of it. 

John died September 15, 1928 and at the time of his death was awaiting the results of a close senatorial race in which he had been nominated. His political rival George W. Scofield after having asked for a recount was subsequently declared the winner. 

Author: Linda Flowers

Source: Back Home by Hampton Dunn,

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