Dr. George Alva Dame

     Dr. George Alva Dame wore many titles; namely that of physcian, statesman, scientist and gentleman. He was born January 28, 1882 in Homerville, Clinch Co., Georgia to the parents of George Melancthon and Lennie Adeline (Hargraves) Dame.
     Dr. Dame graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia in 1904 and that is about the time he came to Inverness, Citrus County, Florida and began to practice medicine. He married Margaret "Rita" Savary DeMauro, daughter of Judge George and Mrs. Josephine (Savary) DeMuro, May 14, 1907. They had three children; John H., George M. and a daughter who died in infancy.
     Dr. Dame practiced medicine in Inverness from 1904 until 1940. He then became state director of field services for the State Bureau of Health in Jacksonville and went on to become the founder of the American College of Preventive Medicine there as well. He was founder of the American Association of Public Health Physicians and past president of the Florida Public Health Association, a member of the Fellows of American Institute of Pediatrics and the Florida Medical Association.
     His interest in the health of his fellow man and his devotion to his lifes work, led Dr. Dame into politics, where he was then able to create far reaching benefits for the population.
     He was elected Senator for District 9, Citrus and Hernando Counties. As Senator, Dr. Dame introduced several bills that impacted public safety, one of which was introduced in April 1939 to continue the state milk control board which was set to expire in July. In 1937 he introduced a bill to require the state road department to use convicts on mosquito work under the state board of health. Dr. Dame was interested in moral issues as well and in May of 1937, he introduced a bill making a punishment of bolita players or operators felons, thus anyone "who shall play, possess any tickets or engage in the game of bolita" would be subject to a maximum penalty of $10,000 and five years in prison. He served two sessions in the Florida State Senate, and also served as a member of the city council of Inverness for twenty-three years.
     Public service was in Dr. Dames blood. His father also served in the senate. His brother Leland was a physcian as well  and the two were associated in practice together for a number of years. His brother Hershel was County School Superintendent of Crystal River from 1915 -1921 and his son George became a doctor and was the Health Officer for Pinellas County for many years. Today there are numerous health facilities around Citrus County that cary the name "George A. Dame" in their title.
     Dr. Dame was a mason of long standing and was considered one of Florida's most honored masons. He was a past Worshipful Master of the Inverness Lodge and a District Deputy Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida; The Grand Commander of Florida Knights Templar and Grand High Priest of the Florida Royal Arch Masons. He also served as president of the Kiwanis Club for both Inverness and Fernandina.
    Dr, Dame retired in 1958 and later moved to Polk County, He died in Winter Park on August 3, 1973 at the age of 91. A fuller life one could not imagine. He is laid to rest at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Inverness, Florida.        

Author: Linda Flowers
Source: Back Home by Hampton Dunn; St. Petresburg Times; Evening Independent;;

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