Dr. J. F. Cranford Articles

Dr. J. Frank Cranford has been commissioned first Lieutenant in the medical corps, U. S. A. He will leave for Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., in a few days, ready for duty. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-29-1918

Dr. Cranford has on display in his drugstore a melon weighing 50 pounds, which was grown on very ordinary soil without special cultivation or attention. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-4-1924

Accompanying the club are several businessmen of Inverness, who with the club, stopped last night at the Bay View. They are Dr. J. Frank Cranford, Mayor of Inverness; E. G. Dampier, watermelon grower; C. P. Savary, merchant; C. D. Shultz, clerk of the court; B. O. Bowden, Sheriff and owner of the Citrus County Chronicle and J. K. Kelly, banker and naval stores dealer. Source: Tampa Tribune: 8-25-1921

City Health Officer

Hendersonville Enlarges Duties of Dr. J. Frank Cranford

Hendersonville, Jan. 8…The agitation for s whole-health health officer for Hendersonville and Henderson County came to a head last night when the city commissioners employed Dr. J. Frank Cranford who has been serving for some time as city physician, to take up the work of health officer with the view to make Hendersonville one of the most sanitary and attractive places in the country.

Dr. W. S. Rankin, Secretary of the State Board of Health, who was in the city and delivered two addresses on the subject of a whole-time health officer, advised that the work not be undertaken until April or May for the county as a whole, as the department of health would not be able until then to send a man here. The city commissioners conferred with the county commissioners with a view to having the county commissioners discontinue the present work of having the county physician in the present form and include his work with that of a whole-time health officer for city and county, the city and county to pay the officer’s salary. No satisfactory expression could be had from the county commissioners, so the city commissioners inaugurated the work.

Dr. Cranford agrees to visit the slaughter house and meat markets at least twice a week; to examine milk from each dairy or dispenser of milk at least once a week, this report to be made public once a month; and to visit the dairies when necessary, this to include the present work of city physician which Dr. Cranford has been doing. The city commissioners consider that they made a fine arrangement at a very little cost as Dr. Cranford has promised to clean up the city for $45 a month. The city is determined to decrease its death rate and make this a much more inviting place before the summer. Source: Charlotte Observer: 1-9-15

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