Nature's Aquarium

A narrative of a visit to Citrus County and a tribute to it's residents.

     One of the beautiful sights of Crystal River are the natural aquariums in the springs that well up from the bowels of the earth at the boat houses of the Dixon Pencil Company and Mr. Baum. A royal hand has embellished the bottom of these springs with ferns and moss and in and through these is seen the motion of a thousand fishes of various sizes and kinds, making a kaleidoscope picture that when seen will not soon be forgotten.
     The scene is one so lovely and enchanting that it is a delight to dwell upon it and so fascinating that one for the time wishes he were a merman so he could dive in and sport in the crystal elements with the fishes, An amusing part of these fascinating resorts is to note the rivalry between the proprietors of the two springs. Each thinks their own the most beautiful. 
     One of the regrettable things of the day was the absence of Mr. C. E. Herrick from the festivities. He was detained in New York on business.
     Dr. Bennett, the knightly veteran of the scalpel, who has lived in Crystal River 30 years, at three score and ten is still practicing his profession, beloved and respected by all for his professional skill and Christian virtues, while Dr. Campbell, a man in the prime of life and from Nebraska, shares the labors of that field when the ills of the flesh call.
     Will Harnage, known to many people in Ocala, is the efficient and popular railroad agent of the town.
     Captain Stranberg was to have taken out the Sparkman observation party, but in backing the motor boat of the Dixon Pencil Company out of the boat house the propelling blade caught in the machinery and broke.
     Theodore Espey, in the employ of the Florida East Coast railroad and right from Knight’s Key, where he assisted in building a Flagler boarding house, took the occasion to visit his parents and help to celebrate Sparkman Day.
     Among the pleasant acquaintances we met was Mr. E. P. Bowman, ex-mayor of the place, now a farmer and fruit grower and at spare moments becoming a devoted disciple of Blackstone, having made quite a reputation already as an interpreter of that learned writer.
     We also had the pleasure of meeting Rev. A. C. Odom, the Baptist bishop of Citrus County, who it seems serves about all the churches in the county and is a very pleasant young man. He it was who asked a blessing on the edible feast.
     Miss Eunice Williams has opened the Dixon House, a noted resort.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-3-1908

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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