Big Fire At Holder - 1906

Broke Out at 5 o’clock Monday Afternoon and Burned the Heart Out of the Town

Word was received here this morning of a very destructive fire which occurred at the thriving mining town of Holder, in Citrus county, last night and destroyed the entire portion of the town on the east side of the railroad, which contained much of the business of the town and one or two residences.

Frank M. Long is the heaviest loses. His large store and warehouse stocked full of goods, were consumed, and also a drugstore belonging to Mr. Long, but occupied by Dr. McBride adjoining Mr. Long’s residence. There is little insurance. Fortunately Mr. Long had made a great success of his business and owned free of debt, most of the stock. This, with his unimpeached character assures him the confidence of all business men, and he will soon open up again with a large stock and hopes to continue in the favor of his many friends.

The residence occupied and owned by Mr. Frank Long, was saved by the most strenuous measures.

Dr. McBride who had a stock of drugs in the building between the residence of Mr. Long and Mr. McCullough, with the assistance of Mr. Ray did wonders toward saving a large part of the residence portion of the town.  After the building had caught they tore away the sides and rear of the building and in this way the fire, though terrible for a time, was over much sooner than if a draft had not been created. The stores of Mr. Cobb and Mr. McCullough, both servants of large stocks, were saved.

The negro quarters, which consists of about 75 houses, was in danger, but the velocity of the wind ceased about this time saved that portion of the town.

The fire originated in the residence occupied by the family of Mr. Boynton and was caused by a defective stove-pipe. The family lost all their household goods. Mrs. Boynton tried to save a picture, but the smoke was so stifling she fell, her hair and a sleeve of her dress on fire.

Mr. Robertson, the railroad agent, resided next door. They saved a portion of their furniture and clothing. The next house was furnished and used by Mrs. McCullough for extra rooms for her boarders. Part of the furniture was saved. Next a double building occupied by a new firm, Seely and Dell, was destroyed. The firm had not moved their goods into the building and their loss is only a few household effects. Next was a large store and residence occupied by Mr. Prater and family. They saved most of their things. Then came Mr. Long’s large store and warehouse. The store building belonged to Mr. Leitner and the warehouse to Mr. Long.

The loss is heavy on all, but Frank Long is the heaviest loser. The burned block was owned by Dr. Turner.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-27-1906

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