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Small Fire Saturday

Last Saturday morning one of the negro cottages owned by Mr. Will Knight and occupied by a negro woman called Della Rowland, caught fire on the roof and blazed merrily for awhile, but as soon as the alarm was given, help came from all directions and by dint of carrying water up the ladder and throwing it on the fire and by knocking the burning shingles off, the fire was soon extinguished. The roof was old and was considerable damaged. Crystal River News: 3-26-1915

Hon. W. K. Jackson, of Inverness, had a force of men at work the last week putting in his telephone connection. This line connects Dunnellon with all of the principal places in Citrus County and Mr. Jackson expects to carry his line on to Gainesville via Ocala. Ocala Evening Star: 3-6-03

We wish to state that this paper will not carry whisky advertisements at any price. We have conducted newspapers for 25 years and have never carried a whisky ad. We don’t use it ourselves and won’t encourage its use in others. Crystal River News: 5-22-1914. 

Dr. Walter Hood is having his automobile made here. He is making it as he thinks one ought to be made for our roads and it is being looked forward to with a great deal of interest, as it is expected to have a good many improvements over those manufactured in the regular factories. It will be on the streets in about ten days.

Source: Ocala Banner: 2-5-1909

The newspaper and job offices of Ocala have had the trials of Job during the last two weeks with sick and absent printers and by the exchanges we see that our offices are no exception. Brother Fackler of the Crystal River News has had to do all of the fishing, hunting and prevaricating for his paper, besides playing the devil, the editor, the typesetter and the ad and job man

 Source: Ocala Evening News: 10-21-1905

Inverness Will Go Dry

We were surprised to receive a letter from Holder Friday night saying the report there was to the effect that Inverness precinct would likely go wet in the election. That is certainly news to us and confirms our belief that the fight being waged by the saloon men is one of misrepresentation and bluff. Our estimate is that Inverness will cast not more than fifteen of her one hundred votes for the wets. Citrus County Chronicle…Source: Ocala Banner: 9-20-1907

Elopers Killed

Girl and Her Lover Shot Dead by Angry Father and Sons

Hiram Lukes eloped with John Moates’ sixteen year old daughter, from Pineville, ten miles from Brooksville, on horseback, the girl riding behind. An old feud existed between the families and Moates and two sons furious with anger, pursued them. Getting near they opened fire and killed both girl and lover. A posse started at once in pursuit of the murderers, who fled to the swamp. Atlanta Journal, Sept 14-Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-19-1900

Liberty’s Light Out

New York, March 1---The Torch on M. Bartholdi’s big harbor statue of “Liberty Enlightening The World,” has been permanently snuffed by order of President Roosevelt, despite many protests from mariners who for years have used it as a beacon.

The occasion of the order was due to the failure of Congress to make an appropriation for its maintenance, which cost about $2000 per annum.

The statue which was a gift of the French people has been neglected for several years. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-1-1902

Major George Butler, editor and chicken raiser, of Inverness, who has had charge of the Chronicle at the above place for a number of years, passed thro’ here Friday enroute home from Live Oak, where he had been in attendance upon the confederate reunion held there last week. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-2-1909

Crystal River… A party of jolly young folks drove over Sunday from Hernando and enjoyed a day’s outing on Shell Island. The names of the Hernando crowd is as follows: Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Perkins, Misses Laura Winger, Mae Hicks, Dora McDaniels, Beulah May and Messrs. E. R. Ross, H. O. Hicks, Law Davis, Vernon Perkins and Herbert Hicks. Source: Crystal River News: 4-21-1911

Mr. J. J. Brown of Ozello, who for over twenty years had been a citizen of that place and for many years prior to that time was a resident of Marion county, came up today to have Dr. Fuller put him in a new set of teeth. Mr. Brown was 60 years old today, but does not look like he was more than 50. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-31-1907

One On Nic Barco

By the way, Uncle Nic is the best gentleman baby holder in town. He ought to make a good candidate. He goes house to house to hold the babies for their mothers. He tells each mother she has the onliest toodolie, toodolie, woodolie. Recently a lady took him in earnest and did not relieve Uncle Nic of the sweetest little brat for three hours. Uncle Nic hasn’t been back…Crystal River News..Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-20-1908

The largest snake that it has been our lot to see in this part of the country, was killed by W. H. King, last Saturday while en-route from Homosassa. It is known as the gopher snake and measured over seven feet in length. It had just finished dining on two gophers. Source: Crystal River News: 11-6-14

Mr. J. J. Brown, the Ozello mail carrier, has been spending the last four weeks in Tampa, Plant City, Bartow, Lakeland, from where he went to Lawtey and Starke, to visit relatives and friends, at their latter places. He returned today accompanied by his youngest sister and her children, who will spend a few days with him. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-13-1906

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