Treasures From The Past Transcribed

Health of our town is so good that even our doctors are complaining about having nothing to do.
Crystal River News...May 22, 1914

An Ohio preacher wants a divorce because his wife refuses to go to church and hear him preach. Ocala Banner: 2-22-1901

Last Sunday a tremendous battle between Tommy Hoy and an alligator resulted in a victory for Tommy; he having captured the whole amount of two feet of alligator.  Crystal River News: 7-31-1914

Attorney Hampton’s Shell Island Diary

Col. H. M. Hampton, allais” Hamp,” lost his diary while here and it was accidentally found on the roof of the house he occupied. Here is one day of it:

“Rose at 6:30 a. m. by getting up off the floor. Walked twenty feet and jumped into the Gulf of Mexico for a bath. Took a cup of coffee and ate fish for a hour and a half. Went out with a party and caught fish; several of them. Went bathing again. Took lunch, ate fish an hour and a half. Read the Crystal River News. Made an examination of my conscience, though of my clients, prayed and talked to my wife one minute. Caught more fish. Applied cold cream to my sun-blistered head. Watched Col. Davis and “Bill.” Went in bathing again. Took supper-ate fish an hour and a half. Rested. Sang. Went in bathing. Danced. Cake walked. Retired at 1 a. m. by dropping on the floor.”-Crystal River News- Source: Ocala Banner: 8-20-1909

Crystal River…A lively skirmish took place at the depot as the Homosassa train was pulling out. It appears that Messrs. Needham, Cress and G. W. Gates used language to W. B. Fuller that was unbearable, so he quietly stepped from the train and did up in true John L. Sullivan style, the two former, but Gates took to his heels and escaped a merited trouncing. Mr. Fuller caught his train and went to Felicia to look after the mining of phosphates. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-16-1903

More Coming

It is reported that a young married man of Golconda, wrapped in the greatest excitement, flew to a telegraph office of his own town and wired his wife’s relatives a happening as follows:

“Twins today; more tomorrow,”  - Lyre

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-26-1903

A Philadelphia man lost his life recently while attempting to chloroform an aged pet cat. The cat scratched and struggled as he tried to administer the chloroform. The fumes became so dense the man fell unconscious and died.  The cat escaped! Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-29-1921

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