Treasures From The Past

This is where you will find humorous articles about our Citrus County
ancestors  as well as from other parts of the country. 

Attempt Fails 1921 View
More Coming 1903 View
Don't Mess With Him Cress, Gates, Fuller, Needham, Sullivan 1903 View
 Diary Entry From Shell Island Hampton 1909 View
Bought Husband 1908 View
Complaint From  Doctors 1914 View
Wants Divorce 1901 View
Tremendous Battle With Alligator Hoy 1914 View
Mysterious Sunday Disease 1901 View
Listen Daughter 1915 View
A Jolly Man's Will 1908 View
He Tickled A Mule 1914 View
Silenced 1914 View
A Humorous Look at History
If I Were a Girl

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