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Crystal River is exceedingly quiet these days. It is seldom that you ever hear of an arrest being made which shows that we have a good law abiding set of people.   Crystal River News...March 1911

The work of placing electric light polls in the city is rapidly progressing and all are looking forward to the time when there shall be light.
Crystal River News...5-21-1915

Captain T. P. Beck from near Port Inglis, rode over last week making the ten miles in three hours. He expected an outbound launch to tow him home.  Crystal River News...5-21-1915

A SERIOUS ACCIDENT...Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. Miller drove out to Martel yesterday in their new buggy. Returning home they heard a fearful racket in the rear and looking back saw a runaway team of horses approaching. Mr. Miller turned to the side of the road expecting the runaways to pass them, but instead they too turned to the same side of the road that Mr. Miller did and crashed into the buggy with great force, throwing out the occupants. Mr. Miller fell on one of the horses that was thrown to the ground by the force of the impact. Mrs. Miller fell beside the other horse and the animal stepped on her left arm breaking it in two places and brushing her head. Dr. Veal of Martel came to their rescue hastily dressing Mrs. Miller's injuries and sent them home, where another physcian took charge of the case. Mrs. Miller spent a sleepless night, while Mr. Miller was so bruised that he is confined to his bed. The star sincerely regrets to chronicle this serious accident and wishes both a very speedy recovery.A miricle is that both were not crushed to death.  
Ocala Evening Star...2-14-1911

The Citrus County Chronicle speaks of a wardrobe made by J. C. Pheial of cedar wood obtained from Crystal River and seventeen other kinds of wood. Truely, the possibilities of Citrus County are unlimited if we can only get some outside capitalists interested.  
Crystal River News...4-23-1915.

OZELLO...Messrs Baker and Head state that if they're smoked and salt fish business continues to increase as it has in the last few weeks they intend erecting a new fish house to facilitate the handling of their business.   Crystal River News...3-12-1915

You hear from every source , Citrus County is coming to the front. Crystal River in that section of the country is the best section of the state.  Crystal River News...4-23-1915

Mr. Barco closes deal with Messrs Sherouso of Reddick and Parker of Manatee last week for a five thousand acre tract of land near Citronelle and these gentlemen will put up a large mill there in the near future.
Evening Star...4-23-1915

Editor Fackler of Crystal River News made the Star a fraternal call today. He is much pleased with Crystal River and has large hopes for its future.   Ocala Evening Star...4-16-1903


They say that I am worthless and I guess at least I be, cause kids and other people's dogs, they all shine up to me. While decent men is  scramblin' to nail a dollar down, I spend the best part of my time in aimless ramblin' round,. I pity lots of well dressed folks that cooly pass me by, the weariness that's on their lips,the pain that's in their eye. Is winter just a corner, near to someone elses fire, and summer time a patch of shades, the top of my desire. A gun when fall winds whistle and a pole when fishes bite, three meals are less, if need be and a place to sleep at night.To turn a little favor for a stranger or a pal, to get a tender smile from a youngster or a gal, to grin with them that's grinning, and weep with them that weep, to never mind my enemies and like my friends a heap, to never hurt a womans heart, nor do a man a wrong; I ask for nothing else, exsept to drift and loaf along
..   Crystal River News...5-7-1915 

What Crystal River needs at present is ten thousand more residents to help eat the fish and oysters that our town is famous for.
Crystal River News...1911


Intense excitement prevailed in the city a few minutes yesterday afternoon, caused by the fire whistle at the ice plant, sounding the alarm. Being in the direction of the crate mill it was naturally supposed that durring the abscence of all hands, on account of emancipation day, the big plant had caught fire and was in danger, or would be consumed, thus wiping out one of the cities greatest aids to prosperity. Fortunately the fire was confined to a small residence in Crate City, occupied by Mr. Johnson and family. In a few minutes after the alarm the department was on hand with a good stream of water. Very soon thereafter, three rapid fire extinguishers aboard powerful and speedy motors, arrived upon the scene and a few moments thereafter, the fire had been asphixiated, entailing loss of the roof by fire and slight damage to the contents by water and chemicals.   Crystal River News...5-21-1915

Follow up:

Emancipation Day was abserved by the colored people Thursday. The big crate mill shut down so the colored contingent might celebrate.

OZELLO....We are glad to hear that there is to be some much needed improvements made to our school house here. A respectible shelter for the littleones to stay in all day and study is a compliment to the men of the community. How does it feel to sit all day with the cold winter winds blowing on your face and cold water dripping down yor back? One cannot expect much from uncomfortable children. Crystal River News... 3-21-1915

 by: R. T. Cardwell

   Gentlemen I look tonight at myself and it seems to me that I look upon a picture of blighted manhood.
   This bloated face was once as handsome as yours. This shambling figure once walked as proudly as yours. Peace had a home and friends and position. I had a wife as beautiful as a poets dream, but I dropped the priceless pearl of her honor into a cup of wine and like Cleopatra, saw it dissolve, then guaffed it down in a brimming draught. Had a child as sweet and pure as the flowers in Spring, but I saw it fade and wither and die under the blighting curse of a drunken father. I had a home where love lit a flame upon the alter and ministered before it, but I extenguished the holy fire and death and desolation rulled it instead. I had aspirations and ambitions as sacred and as high and pure as the morning sun, but I broke and bruised their beautiful wings and they fell from the heighth of the midheaven of glorius youth, with a kiss of God upon their brow. Now they are entombed with the child of my heart and I hear their cries no more.

   Today I am a husband without a wife, a father without a child and a man without a home. For a heart that wakes no more, its noble impulse to the whisper of the still small voice.
   All! has been swallowed up in this malestrom of drink. Look upon me and tremble. If you taste or touch this vine of woe, hell and drink, by the grave of my child and the home I ruined, by my wretched soul, sunk in sin and shame and crime, beware, or you will find yourself as I have found myself, gone from home, wife, children and from God. Let's resolve to be men and brighten the home of our loved ones.  Source: Crystal River News...5-7-1915

Shot and In The Hospital

W. J. Whittington, of Flemington, came down today to visit his brother, R. J. Whittington, of Hernando, who was brought here and placed in the hospital, having been shot in the left arm and hip by the Marshall of Hernando. The wounded man’s arm is so shattered it is thought that it will have to be amputated. Dr. Hood is looking after the patient. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-14-1908

Lecanto Farmer Bitten By Snake, Is Recovering

Inverness, September 19…Miller Beville, Lecanto farmer, was bitten by a rattlesnake Wednesday while at work in a field. The snake sank its fangs in Beville’s right leg just below the knee. He was taken to Crystal River for first aid treatment and was then taken to a hospital In Ocala by Sheriff Dean, who was in Lecanto at the time. He is reported recovering. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-20-31  

Mr. W. C. Bull, after spending Sunday with his family, returned to Crystal River Monday, where he has been engaged the last six months in building some of the finest residences in Citrus County. That thriving little city is rapidly forging to the front and with her excellent facilities for shipping will someday be an important point on the Gulf Coast. Source: Ocala Banner: 9-15-1905

R. H. Watson, the wide awake and efficient chairman of the board of county commissioners of Citrus county, was in the city yesterday and today to secure such implements and tools that will be needed to utilize their county prisoners in making good hard road for his county. At present the county convicts are hired out to J. W. Hillman at 50 cents a day and board, but as soon as all plans are perfected the county will use them to build a hard road from Inverness to Crystal River. Allen Rodgers, ex county road overseer, was assisting the gentleman from Citrus to get up his outfit. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-29-1902

Crystal River…C. E. Herrick, agent of the Dixon Crucible company in this state will return home from Jersey City by water, having purchased a 75-foot yacht. Before reaching home he will stop a short time at Key West and Tampa. Source: Tampa Tribune: 11-19-1908

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