B. F. Wilson

Mr. B. F. Wilson was born in Houston, Tennessee in 1863. In 1881 he came to Florida and finding no other place he liked so well, he cast anchor in what was then Hernando County. Hernando County then included what is now Citrus County.

For several Years he engaged in what was then the leading industry, namely orange culture and the culture of citrus fruits in general. Later he was for several years in the phosphate business. He then tried the mercantile business for six years, but every man has a particular niche in life into which he fits exactly, and the niche the voters of Citrus County found for Mr. Wilson when they elected him, unanimously and against one of the most powerful judicial men the county then had, to the office of county treasurer. He was elected to this office in 1901 and in 1903 he was reelected to the same office, which was further proof of the confidence and esteem of the people, and that Mr. Wilson had really found his true vocation in life, namely that of public office of trust.

It is Mr. Wilson’s chief aim in life to show his appreciation of the good will of his fellow citizens by proving strictly faithful in this trust. He takes a deep interest in the county’s welfare and always has for it is his power to do service with a helping hand to every enterprise that has a tendency to develop the industries and natural resources of the county, or in any way encouraging of the welfare of Citrus County and the people in it. 

Mr. Wilson, personally is a man whom to know is to love and trust. He makes a true friend and a lenient, charitable foe . Nothing delights him more than to know that success comes to anyone worthy of it, and nothing saddens him more quickly than to know that fellowman has been overtaken by misfortune.

As a public officer, Mr. Wilson can always count on the future support of the voters of Citrus County for he has proven his efficiency and his honesty in the way he has always fulfilled the trust which they had already placed in him. 

Source: Crystal River News: 8-18-1905

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