Politics As Usual

Who were the movers and shakers of Citrus County during your ancestors day? Maybe some of your ancestors were involved in shaping the county. Lets take a look at some of the old news-papers and see who were the politicians of the day!  If you have any newspaper articles that pertains to this feature, please consider sending it in for submission. You will of course be given full credit for your effort. 

Aunt and Nephew Seek Same Job Scofield, Smith, Harman 1950
Candidate For Re-Election Scofield 1914 View
Businessman Is A Candidate Clements 1898
Resignations Abound At Council Meeting Sutton, Land, Hutsom 1953
Leaves For Much Needed Vacation Willard 1898
An  Up and Coming Young Man Turner 1909
Appointed "Colonel" On Inaugural Staff Barco, Warren 1948
Citrus County Astir Over Politics Knight, Rooks, Wilson 1906
Announcement Made For Public Office
Rooks, Knight

Crystal River Election Stevens, Sparkman, Barco, King 1908 View
Election Returns Are Light Wright, Park 1914 View
Seeking Election For Town Counciman Halterman, Harman, Thompson,Barnes, Brown 1963 View
Citrus County Noninees Jackson, Barton, Warnock, Priest, Boswell, Brooks
Barco, Knight, Turner, Bennett, Miller
1900 View
Crystal River Election Returns Park, Wright 1914 View
New Mayor For Crystal River Stevens 1909 View
Col Nic Barco Barco 1904
Appointed State Land Inspector Barco, Roudolph 1912 View
Edwin Thomas Bowman 1905
B. F. Wilson 1905 View
Announces Candidacy     Long 1912 View
Replacement Named For Resigning Judge Barton, DeMuro, Simmons 1902 View
Elections Jackson, Zimmerman, Boswell, Landrum
Williams, Wilson, Barco
1902 View

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