Misbehavin Transcribed


Jerry Hunter, Christopher Driggers, Boyd Scarborough and Luck Scarborough, all of Crystal River charged with violating section 3242 of the revised statutes, entering a plea of guilty before the United States Court yesterday morning. Littleton S. Black also of Crystal River was put upon trial for violation of the same statute and was found guilty. He was defended by Mr. E. W. Davis of this city. The Ocala Banner…1-29-1904


Court finished it’s work for the term this morning and at noon adjourned.




    Hunter, a white man from Crystal River, testifying that Black proffered him one hundred fifty dollars if he would help him come out of the hole.

   The verdict of the jury was not guilty.  A short recess was taken. When L. S. Black was called before the Judge. Ed W. Davis, attorney for Black made a few remarks as did Black in his behalf, but the Judge said that while Black may have not sold the liquor, he made it possible for others to do so and kept them in that state of mind and body, that they refused to testify to the facts, therefore he did not give him the minimum sentence, as he wished this violation of law to be an example to others and gave Black one year and one day in the US Penitentiary at Atlanta.

   Those implicated in the illicit sale of liquor in and around Crystal River and found guilty and sentenced were, Christopher Driggers, Boyd  and Albert Scarborough and Jeremiah Hunter, who got thirty days in the Marion County jail and one hundred dollars fine. If the time is served and the fine is not paid each will have to serve another thirty days. This term of court saw a great many cases exposed of, mostly for the illicit selling of whiskey and most of the offenders were convicted. The Ocala Evening Star…1-26-1904



Mr. Boyd Scarborough, a young man working at the Spoke and Rim Factory, was arrested Wednesday by Deputy United States Marshall H. F. Chambers, for violating section 3242 revised statutes of the United StatesThe Ocala Banner…10-23-1903



    The seining cases came up yesterday afternoon and it was dusk before County Judge Robert Bullock charged the jury consisting of  Messrs; Forrney Lancaster, Buford Leitner, W. Z. Burke, Frank Colwell, Jim L. Parramore, and L. M. Lamb who found Peter Black and Hoop Scarborough guilty of the charge of fishing with a seine and offering the fish for sale. The judge suspended sentence and let them off on their good behavior for the present. The penalty for the offense is two hundred fifty dollars, half of which would go, if exacted, to the game warden and his assistant.

    The evidence for the state was given by Hutson, deputy game warden and Dubose, whom Hutson took along the night of July 14th when he went to Lake Weir to watch the parties accused. Their statements were direct and to the point: That on the morning of July 15th the accused about 3 o’clock came down and cast their seine about 150 ft. long into the lake and made two hauls and one of which 40 to 50 pounds were caught and in the other 25 to 30 pounds. That said fish were taken to the fish house on the shores of the lake, packed into a barrel and sack, the former to be sent to Brown, of Augusta, Georgia and the later to Turner, of Ocala. The state witnesses secreted themselves in the grass, bushes and dog fennel along the lake shore, Weir Park dock and mouth of canal where the fish were caught.

    Witnesses for the defense were L. S. Black and Hoop Scarborough. They insisted that the fish were caught for home consumption, that they only caught twelve to fifteen pounds.

    At the request of the attorneys, Jasper Black and James Freeman Sr. were discharged. J. W. Freeman and L. S. Black secured a change of venue yesterday from Judge R. Bullock’s, county court to Justice Crawford’s Court, which hearing will take place August 5th.

   Attorney R. B. Bullock appeared for the state and W. K. Zewadski, for the defense and both made eloquent pleas for their side of the question. Zewadski moved for a new trial which was denied.

    The case excited great interest as many parties were interested. The people around Lake Weir and those who seek it’s shinning shores and it’s umbrageous banks and resort there for rest, recreation, sport and pleasure are loath  to see the lake seined for commercial purposes and which the law positively forbids but for pleasure parties it is open to all with hook and line or the seine. The lake depleted of it’s fish, half the attraction of these beautiful waters would be gone and the only way to prevent this is to enforce the law.

The Ocala Evening Star…July 24, 1902


 Judge Bullock passed sentence on L. S. Black and Jim Freeman convicted of illegal seining in Lake Weir last summer. The former was fined one hundred dollars in cost or sixty days in jail, the latter fifty dollars in cost or sixty days in jail. The Ocala Evening Star…4-2-1903


Justice Court...

Moses McQueen was convicted for selling whisky and fined $50.00 and costs or 60 days. Florence Bessant, convicted of selling whisky and fined $50.00 and costs. 
Lucian Lewis, convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $2.00 and costs. 

Hon. N. N. Sparkman held quite a matinee Monday morning. Four negroes were tried and convicted of gambling and fined $7.25 each. 

Crystal River News: 3-26-15

There are several handsome sums of money offered for the capture of Sam Tousler, a negro, who killed Jasper. M. Raulerson, superintendent of the West Coffee Company at Stage Pond, in Citrus County, last week. The description sent here is that the negro is of a dark yellow complexion and weighs 135 pounds and was a convict of a desperate nature. It is said that $500 will be paid for the arrest of Tousler. Watch out for him as he may be in this vicinity. Source: Florida Star (Titusville) 9-25-1908

John Hardin who was arrested last week at Homosassa for killing cattle and only using their hindquarters, was taken to Inverness Saturday for trial, which was postponed until Wednesday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-3-1908

Sheriff Carter was in town Saturday, seeking for a much married man, Walter Gates, by name, who has been living in this section for some time. Some say that he had six wives, others that he had only three. Anyway, he had enough to greatly offend the state, hence the sheriff’s visit and hence his companionship with another upon his leaving town in the evening. Source: Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

Two negro boys, “Jumper” Pearson and Julius Leadholtz, created a little excitement in the vicinity of the fish houses Tuesday when they engaged in a stick and hatchet fight. They were arraigned in the Mayor’s Court, fined $5 and costs or ten days on the street. Jumper paid out, but Julius at this writing is still enjoying the luxuries of incarceration. All loafers were given notice to go to work and the marshall was instructed to arrest all those who continue loafing. Source: Crystal River News: 4-21-1911


BIG PRICE FOR CONVICTS…The convicts for Citrus County were leased Monday. As the leasing was largely advertised, quite a number of bidders were in attendance. When the bids were all opened it was found that Messrs. Pierson and Sexton were the highest bidders and they were awarded the contract. Their bid was $27.10 per month for all males. We did not ascertain what was their bid for females but understand chivalry played no part in their bid. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-5-1906


Killing at Fairmount

Last Saturday night about 9 o'clock, Will Thomas was shot and killed at Fairmount, by another negro named Brooks. There had been trouble between them on account of Thomas's wife and Thomas was advancing on Brooks with a knife, when he fired. Thomas ran fully 30 yards before he fell, his brains spilling from the wound as he struck the ground. Sheriff Carter was notified and arressted Brooks about daybrake Sunday morning, taking him to Inverness and lodging him in jail. Source: Crystal River News: 7-10-1914

Florida Sheriff Here

Comes For Henry Jones, Colored, Wanted In Citrus County, For Grand Larceny

Sheriff Carter of Citrus County, Florida, was in the city Friday for the purpose of taking possession of Henry Jones, who was arrested in Wedgefield several days ago by order of Magistrate Reese, and taking him back to Florida where he is wanted for trail on the charge of grand larceny.

It will be remembered that Jones was arrested first for killing his wife and the man with whom his wife was living. Jones left Florida when he found that the sheriff wanted him, but after his arrest here, this fact was ascertained and he was held until the sheriff could come for him. Sheriff Carter left Friday afternoon for Florida, going by way of Charleston. Source: Watchman and Southern…Sumter, SC: 3-27-1912

Moses McQueen was convicted for selling whisky and fined $50.00 and costs or 60 days. Source: Crystal River News: 3-26-15

Post Office Robbed

The post office at Cordeal, Citrus county, was broken into and robbed last Friday night and over $150 was taken. Frank Long, the postmaster, reported the robbery to the proper officers. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-17-1900

Hanging At Inverness

Pessley Callahan, a negro, will be hanged at Inverness on October 12th for the murder of W. J. Everett. Callahan has confessed to his crime. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-29-1900

Deputy Marshall Chambers, with J. H. Surber and Mr. Griffin, general internal revenue collectors, returned last night from an overland trip to Crystal River. They were absent three days. They brought back L. S. Black, who is again charged with selling liquor without a license. Mr. Black was given a hearing this morning before Commissioner D. S. Williams and was set free. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-9-1903

Florence Bessant, convicted of selling whisky and fined $50.00 and costs. Source: Crystal River News: 3-26-15

R. B. Bullock went to Inverness today to defend his clients, Dr. and Frank Turner, who will be tried for assault. They had a fight with a white man several weeks ago and one of them cut him very severely. There plea will be self defense and Mr. Bullock feels sure he will clear them. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-7-1902

Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Game Warden Brown of Homosassa is out of his two jobs on account of an illegal alleged killing of game out of season. Justice Stevens is reported as having fined him $100 last week. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-5-1909

Judge Ruffin of Holder was arrested by deputy sheriff Allen Wednesday for carrying on business without a license. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-5-1909

Sheriff Carter went up to Ocala Monday and brought back with him two negroes captured near Kindrick by Marion Co. authorities. Louis Johnson is wanted for contempt of court and John Reed for assault with intent to murder. The alleged crime having been committed eighteen months ago. Both men are injured. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 8-20-1909

In Judge deMurro’s court Wednesday, William Sheppard, a white man from Lecanto was tried for the larceny of hogs from a negro and held to the grand jury in the sum of $150. He is now in jail. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 5-21-1909

Crystal River was shocked by the intelligence that two of its well known young men were in the toils of the law. The facts seem to be as follows: For some time there has been more or less stealing from motorboats and automobiles but the value of the articles was small so no effort was made to discover the guilty parties. Last Saturday night, however, about $35 worth of stuff was taken, the greater part from the “May” owned by R. A. and D. A. Williams. Suspicion pointed to Lee Stratner and Emmett Agee and the later was at once arrested by Marshall Hay, who then went after young Stratner, who when taken into custody, confessed. The places where the stolen stuff was secreted was shown by Stratner to Hay, Williams and Head. Brought before N. Barco, Esq., the two young men pleaded guilty of the offense as charged and were bound over to the circuit court under bonds of $5oo each, and in default of such bond were taken to the county jail. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-17-1912

Clyde Willis, marshal at Crystal River for the past two years, resigned Monday night after charges had been made against him by Mayor J. N. Brown (1948). Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-3-1963

Watch For Him

There are several handsome sums of money offered for the capture of Sam Tousler, a negro, who killed Jasper M. Raulerson, Superintendent of the West Coffee company, at Stage Pond, in Citrus county, last week. The description sent here is that the negro is of a dark yellow complexion and weighs 135 pounds, and was a convict of a desperate nature. It is said that $500 will be paid for the arrest of Tousler. Watch out for him as he may be in this vicinity. Source: Florida Star: 9-25-1908

Shooting At Floral City

A serious shooting affair took place at Floral City Tuesday, in which the town marshal, Tom Allen, was killed, also the negro who shot the marshal. Captain G. A. Nash received this information from members of the Ocala Rifles in Dunnellon, who were under the impression that they would be called on to quell a riot. The marshall was a brother-in-law of Homer Dean, one of Ocala’s vigilant policemen. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-5-1908

Police Chief Charles S. Dean’s three day trial (1958)on charges of violating the state game laws ended Friday night when a six man jury brought in a verdict of not guilty. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 5-9-1963

Hattie Williams was convicted of throwing potash lye in the eye of Clifford Sniges at Crystal River and was given two years in the state prison. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-16-1909

Caught Bad Negro

John Henry Pasco, the negro who put six bullets out of nine shots into the body of Jake Webster at Fairmount several months ago, was captured by Deputy Sheriff Allen at Standard Saturday night. Pasco is looked upon by the officials as an exceedingly dangerous negro, and it is a pleasure to know that he is now where the dogs will not bite him for some time…Inverness Chronicle… Source: Ocala Banner: 11-5-1909

Thief’s Novel Method

A nice fellow who claimed to be a friend of W. H. John’s, the cold drink man, entered his shop the other day and got him full of hot drink, put him to bed and made a raid on the cash drawer. He is now behind the bars awaiting his trial. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-17-1905 

The appeal case of H. W. Parkinson from the sentence of conviction by Justice Stevens at Crystal River was reversed. Col. Zewadski represented Peterson. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-16-1909

Edward Barnett of Citrus county was arrested yesterday and brought to Ocala by Deputy U. S. Marshal R.A. Alfred, charged with cutting timber off of government lands. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-6-1898

Mr. Christopher Driggers, of Crystal River, was up before Commissioner D. S. 

Williams for violating section 3242 of the U. S. revised statutes Monday and was 

placed under bond for his appearance at the next term of the U. S. court at Ocala.

Source: Ocala Banner: 10-16-1903

Mayor’s Matinee

Hon. N. N. Sparkman held quite a matinee Monday morning. Four negroes were tried and convicted of gambling and fined $7.25 each.

Mose McQueen was convicted for selling whiskey and fined $50.00 and costs or 60 days.

Florence Bessant, convicted of selling whiskey and fined $50.00 and costs.

Lucian Lewis, convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $2.00 and costs. Source: Crystal River News: 3-26-1915

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