Who was misbehaving in Citrus County. We will look at some of the people who got into trouble for little of nothing and the more serious offenses as well. 

Mayor's Matinee Sparkman, McQueen, Bessant, Lewis 1915 View
Placed Under Bond Driggers, Williams 1903 View
Cuts Timber Off Government Land Barnett, Alfred 1898 View
Conviction Reversed Stevens, Parkinson, Peterson, Zewadski 1905 View
Thief's Novel Method Johns 1905 View
Captured After Several Months Allen, Webster, Pasco 1909 View
Violation of State Game Law Dean 1963 View
Horrendous Crime Williams, Sniges 1909 View
Town Marshall Killed Allen, Nash, Dean 1908 View
Killer May Be In Vicinity Raulerson, Tousler 1908 View
Two Well-Known Caught Stealing Stratner, Agee, Hay, Head, Williams 1912 View
Marshall Resigns Brown, Willis 1948 View
White Man Charged deMurro, Sheppard 1909 View
Inmates Brought Back From Marion  Carter, Reed, Johnson 1909 View
No Business License Ruffin, Allen 1909 View
Games Wardem Looses Job Brown, Stevens 1909 View
Self Defense Plea For Doctor Turner, Bullock 1902 View
Convicted of Selling Whiskey Bessant 1915 View
Post Office Robbed Long 1900 View
Hanging At Inverness Callahan, Everett 1900 View
Arrested Again Black, Suber, Williams, Griffin, Chambers 1903 View
Arrested-Kills Wife and Lover Carter, Jones 1912 View
Convicted of Selling Whiskey McQueen 1915 View
Big Price For Convicts Pierson, Sexton 1906 View
Stick and Hatchet Fight Pearson, Leadholtz 1911 View
Violation of Section 3242 Hunter, Driggers, Scarborough, Black, Davis 1904 View
Arrested Chambers, Scarborough 1903 View
Bigamy Carter, Gates 1911 View
Intimidating A Witness Black, Hunter, Davis, Driggers, Scarborough 1904 View
Justice Court Lewis, Bess 1915 View
Police Court Sparkman, Ham, Watkins, Hill, Townsend,
Tucker, Jackson, Ivy
1915 View
Seiners Convicted Bullock, Lancaster, Leitner, Scarborough, Hutson,
 Dubose, Brown, Turner, Black, Freeman, Crawford, Zewadskie
1902 View
Pleads Guilty To Embezzling Turnipseed 1922 View
Killing At Fairmount Thomas, Brooks, Carter 1914 View
Two Boys Arrested For Loitering Pearson, Loadholtz 1911 View
Arrested For Killing A Man McKinney, Harvey, Carter, Loadholtz 1908 View
Failure To Appear Knight, Young, Adams, Fletcher, Locke, Angus, Munklow 1909 View
Court Fines McQueen, Bessant, Lewis 1915 View
Jail Delivery McQueen, Harvey, Sparkman 1915 View
Killing Cattle Hardin 1908 View
Arrested For Bigamy Carter, Gates 1911 View
Killed In Self-Defence Thomas, Brooks, Carter 1914 View
Robbed and Murdered Stevenson, Payne 1892 View

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