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Mrs. Hoy and children moved back to town Friday. They wil be greatly missed by everyone out on the island. Crystal River News: 8-1910

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barnes of Lecanto have moved to Crystal River and are occupying part of the Barco building or court house. Crystal River News: 3-12-1915

Mr. W. Morgan who has been superintendent at the crate mill for the last four years has gone to Wildwood, Florida where he will engage in similar business. Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

Mr. J. B. Dale and family of Vista have moved to Crystal River. Mr. Dale is to be foreman of Mr. Hyde’s new machine shop. Crystal River News: 7-31-1914.

Mr. W. Morgan, who has been Supt. of the crate mill for the past four years has gone to Wildwood, Fla., where he will engage in similar business. Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

The property which is known as the Tillihurst place, located on Crystal River, has again changed hands, going this time Capt. J. W. Smith, of Oxford, Ala. Mr. Smith is well known to the people of Crystal River and in fact to those of a much larger area, all of whom will be greatly rejoiced to know that he and his family are to make their home in their midst. Mr. Smith will be accompanied by his son-in-law, Mr. Davenporte, who, with several other families, will make this there permanently abiding place. Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

Mr. J. H. Baxley of Lakeland, has purchased the Pedrick place at Citronelle, consisting of 160 acres and will move to Citronelle and farm the place. We welcome Mr. Baxley to our county. Crystal River News: 11-6-1914

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allgood of Georgia were in Ocala Saturday on their way to Crystal River to make their home at that place. Mr. Allgood will succeed Mr. G. W. Watson as agent for the Coast Line at that place. Mr. Watson will go to Bartow as has already been stated in this column. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-20-1906 

Mr. John Steel of Silver Springs spent the morning in Ocala Wednesday. They left on the afternoon train for Crystal River to make that place their home in the future. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-6-1905

Jolly Charlie Stranberg is running a freight and passenger boat for the accommodation of the island people. He is also going to repair and lengthen the dock and restore the springboard. Captain Stranberg and wife expect to move to the island. We extend them a hearty welcome. Source: Crystal River News: 7-31-1914

J. W. Sparkman formerly of Crystal River but now on the east coast in the tie business was here Sunday. He said his business is flourishing and that it is next to impossible for him to supply the demand for the ties, especially since the recent hurricane. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-5-1909


Moved To Plant City

Mr. C. W. White and family, of Citrus County, have recently moved to our little city and will reside here in future. Mr. White is the father of Mrs. W. B. Herring. He has purchased the Frank Wiggins’ stock of goods and will run a neat store in the building formerly owned by C. C. Carleton, but now the property of W. B. Herring. –Plant City Courier Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-18-1900

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Werner, formerly of Wantagh, L. I . have arrived and moved into their new home on South Wadsworth. Mr. Warner retired after forty years from his own plumbing and heating business. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-31-1963

Clyde Jefford and family have moved back to town. We are glad to welcome them to our midst again. Source: Crystal River News: 2-5-1915

Mr. S. W. Sparkman left Tuesday for Hernando, where he will engage in the mercantile business. Mr. Sparkman says he has secured the best stand in Hernando. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-3-08

Pastor Resigns

On Sunday, Rev. R. J. O’Bryant for two years pastor of the Baptist Church here tendered his resignation, to go to Chattanooga, Tn., where he formerly resided. His resignation was accepted by vote of the membership, but many were very reluctant to have him leave here, as he has done much good work here in Crystal River, is a good strong preacher and is generally well liked. Source: Tampa Tribune: 10-14-23

Stevens & Eskridge, who have been in the mercantile business, dissolved partnership and will go into other business. Mr. Eskridge has moved to Clearwater and expects to get into business in that flourishing city. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-15-06

T. C. Cato has sold out and moved to Chesawhiska, where he expects to run a boarding house during the hunting season. Mr. Cato is an old hunter. He says that he is bad behind with his hunting and is going to try and catch up. Source: Tampa Tribune: 11-2-1909

Crystal River…J. D. Hough, who has been clerking in town for some time, left for Ocala on Monday, where he goes to accept a position. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-8-1906

Crystal River…Mr. J. J. Johnson and family have moved to town from the Crusher Rock district. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-1923

Crystal River…Mr. George W. Robison and family have recently moved from Sulphur Springs, Fla., to the Miller farm, near Crystal River, which they purchased. They will make a specialty of garden trucking and fruit raising. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-1923

From Bench to Boniface

County Judge Barton, of Citrus County, has resigned, in order to remove to Dunnellon, where he will take charge of a hotel. Source: Tampa Tribune: 8-29-1902

Crystal River…Jas. T. Rawls loaded a part of his household goods Monday and Tuesday and that afternoon with his wife left for Dunnellon. Mr. Rawls has a responsible position with the Camp Phosphate C., which with his dairy work will keep him quite busy. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-24-1913

Crystal River…Mr. and Mrs. Setzer and children left yesterday for Ocala, where they will make their future home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-20-1911

Floral City

Capt. Hillman Sells His Home There To Frank Rawls

Floral City…Capt. Hillman sold his Floral City home Tuesday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rawls. He sold the house as it stands furniture and all. Mr. and Mrs. Rawls are receiving the congratulations of their friends on their new purchase. In 1899, they purchased the Zellner home, which they sold later, buying the Bartow place, and when they sold it not long ago, they were thinking of leaving Floral City.

Sensible people change their minds, especially in favor of Floral City and so there are no happier people to be found than the Rawls family.

Frank Rawls embarked in the mercantile business here in 1902 and with the efficient aid of Mrs. Rawls and affable clerks, has built up a good trade. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-27-1906


Floral City...Capt. Hillman sold his Floral City Home Tuesday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rawls. He sold the house as it stands furniture and all. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-27-1906

Crystal Springs…The Frederick Van Roy and family, left Crystal River in their Buick touring car, last Friday morning for Tallahassee, where Mr. Van Roy will take his seat, as the now representative from this district, at the convening of the legislature next Tuesday. He succeeds Citrus county attorney, George W. Scofield of Inverness. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-1923

Mr. May, wife and six children came up from Rutland, Citrus county, yesterday and put up at the Chaille House. They left on the 11 o’clock train for Waverly, Tenn., where they will make their future home. The husband and father was singing a mournful tune, the burden of which was like this: “Oh where has my orange grove now gone to?” Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-24-1885

Crystal River…E. H. McIlvaine is expected to move his family back from Tampa about October 1. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-29-1905

S. C. McLane, of Sanford, has moved to Crystal River to go into the celery raising business with R. J. Knight. Mr. McLane is an old celery raiser, and says there is as fine land here for celery as he ever saw. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-29-1905

Crystal River has secured the able services of R. O. Stewart from Jacksonville as town

electrician, who has moved his family in the home of Mrs. Clara Bowman. Source: 

Tampa Tribune: 7-15-1923

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