News of everything involving
Sunday school, ministers,
church social, etc.

Sunday School Convention Eddington 1914 View
Has Accepted A Pastorate at Red Level Plummer 1907 View
Floral Cit Reverand Shares Pulpit Womboldt, Bundick 1906 View
Much Loved Pastor Retires Thompson 1900 View
Pastor Rezigns; Will Return To Tennessee O'Bryant 1923 View
Sunday School Program Long List 1912 View
New Presbyterian Minister Barco, Morgan
Program Of The S. M. B. #48 Wallise, Louis, Kirklen 1912 View
Grand Program Presented Bryant, Kirkland, Hires
McDonald, Wallace
1911 View
New Methodist Minister Cooper 1909 View
Presbyterian Pastor Mourns Wife Adamson 1901 View
Homasassa M. E. Church Dedication Morrison, Blocker 1915 View
New Baptist Church Hiatt 1915 View
Presbyterian Christmas Tree Purchase Bennett, Jones, Knight 1906 View
Elected President of WMU Yeomans 1938 View
Pastor of Baptist Church Tyner 1938 View

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