What kind of illnesses were our ancestors dealing with and what diseases threatened their lives? Who had the misfortune of an  accident? The answers can be found here. Follow your ancestors  day to day life fighting sickness and disease. Below you will find the name of an article followed by the surname and date. 


In Atlanta For Treatment Herrick 1911 View
Pastor Feeling Better Bartlett 1923 View
Has Been Dangerously Ill Van Ness 1901 View
Convalescing From Typhoid Stevens 1911 View
Took A Nasty Fall Bell 1905 View
Called To Bedside of Daughter Barco, Armstrong 1906 View
Stranger Brings Small Pox Knight, Bennett, Brown 1897 View
Recovering Rapidly at Ocala Hospital Morrison 1914 View
Entirely Recovered From Accident Espey 1898 View
Critically After Striking Cow Brimmage, Hall 1948 View
Feeling Better From Acute Appendicitis Williams 1912 View
Very Sick at Daughter's Mecklin, Young, Graham, Williamson 1915 View
Out and About Finally Shiver 1912 View
Logging Camp Accident Hanbury 1912 View
Thrown From Buggy Shine, Stevens, Pearson 1906 View
May Be Paralized Cooper, West, Reaves 1915 View
Child Requires Operation Warnock 1912 View
Child Breaks Arm Marshall, Miller 1910 View
Operation at Tampa Wheeler, Harvey, Dame 1914 View
Breaks Collar Bone King 1909 View
At Point of Death Edwards 1914 View
Has Operation By Mayo Bro.'s Moon, Crumpier 1923 View
Druggest Returns After Illness Juhan, Willis 1909 View
Boy Breaks Arm Scofield 1937 View
Was Dangerously Ill Van Ness 1901 View
Asst. Supt. Taken Ill Todd 1924 View
Will Have Operation Espy, Edwards 1911 View
Hopeless Case Improves Knight, Thomas 1905 View
Narrowly Escapes Death Pridgen 1963 View
Taken Ill At School Wittington 1915 View
Operation A Success Parshall 1937 View
Better Health Now Bowie 1909 View
Falls From Tree Thomas 1909 View
Baby Severely Burned Van Hood, Allen 1908 View
Called Home to Wife Blitch 1907 View
Live Longer
1911 View
Bubonic Plague
1914 View
Typhoid Fever
1908 View
Sick With Malaria Edwards 1911 View
Needs Operation Espy, Edwards 1911 View
Runaway Accident Hunter, Bigalow, Hoods, Cross 1915 View
The Lowly Fly
1915 View
Badly Burned Miller 1915 View
Resume Duties Hyde 1911 View
Tombstone Falls On Foot Smith 1914 View
Whirled to Death Haynes 1905 View
Bit By Spider King 1914 View
Much Improved Kersey 1911 View
Has Bad Feet Price 1906 View
Serious Illness Juhan, Bennett 1908 View
Wife Mentally Unstable Gerock 1908 View
Successful Operation Bennett, Knight 1908 View
Operated On In Ohio Bennett, Knight 1908 View
Dunge Fever Carter 1908 View
Little Boy Better Booth 1914 View
Called to Bedside Tucker, Stone 1912 View
Mother Critical Espy 1915 View
Very Ill Wilson, Allen, Iewin, Dame 1915 View
Laid Up From Fall Everett 1911 View
Having Eyes Treated Espey 1902 View
Not Improved Herrick 1911 View
Was Critical King, Dame 1914 View
Broke His Leg Pearson 1908 View
Wife of Doctor Ill Hood, Fant 1902 View
Leaves For Operation Espy, Edwards 1911 View
Discharged at Waycross Cribb 1915 View
Ill For Several Days Robertson 1908 View

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