Charles Pinkney Savary
Citrus County Pioneer

Charles Pinkney “Pink” Savary was born in Selma, Alabama on the seventeenth of January, 1861, to the parents of Charles and Margaret Ann Sprott. His family picked up and moved to Florida with several other families, traveling by covered wagon, arriving in Hernando a short time before the county split and Citrus County was born. He settled near Lake Apopka in Inverness and married Margaret Saffold White there on April 19, 1882. Charles and Margaret had twelve children, seven girls and five boys.

A pioneer of Citrus County, Charles, a chemist, discovered phosphate in the area leading to a population boom. He became foreman and superintendent of mines in the Hernando area. And it was Charles Savary who was instrumental in moving the county seat from its former location at Mannfied to Inverness. Much has been reported about the great debacle to move the county’s seat from its original location. Capt. Zimmerman, clerk of the court, disagreed with the popular vote, refusing to turn over the records when asked to do so.  “Pink” was one of the men who quite literally picked up  Capt. Zimmerman, still clutching the courthouse records and placed him along with his desk and chair onto a wagon, which was then relocated to Inverness.

Charles died at Inverness on September 28, 1932 and is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.


Author: Linda Flowers
Source: Tampa Tribune, Citrus County Chronicle, Ancestry, Find A Grave


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