Tragedy In The Lives Of Your Ancestors

Tragedies sometimes come our way and we have to
up the pieces and get on with life the best we
can. How  did
our ancestors handle the blows?
Let's look...
"Between The Pages."

New Home Catches Fire Yeomans 1953 View
Two Killed In Gulf Gerock, Willis 1920 View
Tragic Accident Kills Man Smith 1897 View
Limbs Torn From His Body Porter 1906 View
Residence Destroyed By Fire Vallely 1889 View
Killed In Hunting Accident 1948 View
Old Feud Breeds Tragedy Stokes, Zellner, Tucker 1906 View
Suicide At Citronelle Grooms 1909 View
Fisherman Drowns Smith, Hopkins 1963 View
Crystal River's Fire Knight, Bennett, Boellert 1907 View
Wife Dies Leaving Small Baby Brockhouse 1907 View
Boarding House Burns Meeker,Thompson 1905 View
Sent To Chattahoochee
Harvey, Lewis, Miller, Dame
Drowned and Eaten By Gator
Disastrous Fire At Crystal River Herrick, Carroll, Chambers,
Thompson, Gates, Dixon
1909 View
Merchant Commits Suicide Sparkman 1904 View
Looses Everything In Fire Miller 1903 View

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