I have an obituary feature elsewhere on this site. My focus here is to add a death notice that appeared in the newspaper that wasn't necessarily an obituary. It's just another way of including surnames for your research. A lot of the deaths have other family names listed, so be sure to check them out.  If you have any articles at home and  would like to send them to be added here, I will be  glad to do so. You will be given credit as the submitter. Thanks!

W. H. Jones

Mr. Keiler

Mr. G. W. Hiller

Dr. A. Armstrong

Mr. Butler Fisher

Mrs. W. R. Hilliard

Mr. Edward Manly

Mr. John M. Hurst

Mr. C. C. Sanders

Mr. Robert Stevenson

Mr. Payne

Mr. Roger Johnson

Rev. Dr. George Adamson

Dr. J. J. Fields

Mr. J. R. Harven

Mr. George V. Bullen

Mr. John W. DeBusk

Mrs. Loretta Tratchell Wells

Mr. Strauss L. Lloyd

Mr. Costa Veneris

Miss Ila May Spires

Mr. John A. Smith

Mrs. Elisabeth DeBusk

Mr. Harvey Hilford Miller

"Aunt" Julia Braddy

T. E. O'Brian

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