Death's of Infants and Children

Times were hard in our ancestors day. Children and infants succumbed to the ravages of disease. As a fellow  researcher you may not have known the existence of one of these little ones especially if you depend on the census. If they were born and died between a census period then  they may be lost to you. It is my desire to bring some recognition for them here and aid your research as well. The list includes newspaper articles that are transcribed. If you have any infant or children obituaries for Citrus County, I would like to include them here. You will be given full credit for your submission. Please note...Thr obituaries of children do not always include their name so on this index page I have entered the parents name.

Mr. & Mrs. Herman DeBusk

Mr. & Mrs. Sparkman

Mr. & Mrs. Hoy

Mrs. J. Q. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Whitton

Mr. & Mrs. G. P. Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Warnock

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ray

Mr. & Mrs. Hough

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Roux

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Blanton

Mr. & Mrs Paul Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Giddens

Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Herrick

Mr.. & Mrs. Paul W. Ramsey

Mr. & Mrs. N. W. Milling

Below I have included names of little ones and their parents
from two other sources. If you have any names to be added
to this list... please send them along.

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