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Palm Beach County,Florida 

Palm Beach

Aftrenoon Tea in a coconut grove

North Country Rd., Palm Beach

Along the Lake, Palm Beach

Royal Poinciana and Palm Trees

Royal Ponciana

The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach
Afternoon Tea in a Coconut Grove, Palm Beach
  One of the most popular ways of entertaining in Palm Beach is having afternoon tea, followed by dancing amid the palms.

North Country Road extends north and south about midway of the island.  On it are located some of the largest and most palatial estates in Palm Beach.

Along the lake, Palm Beach, Fla.

Royal Poinciana and Palm Trees, Palm Beach, Fla.

View of Grounds and Righ Wing of Royal Poinciana, Palm Beach, Fla.

The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Fla.  (1920's)
  The Breakers Hotel, under management of Mr. Leland Sterry, is especially popular with season guests, as i is open the longest of any Palm Beach Hotel, and only one on the ocean. The Breakers cottages are also very much in demand.

West Palm Beach

Hotel Pennsylvania

Hotel George Washington, West Palm beach

Hibiscus Ave, showing Christian Science Church and School House, West Palm Beach

School Building, West Palm Beach

Hotel Pennsylvania, West Palm Beach
  Largest, completely modern resort hotel in West Palm Beach, outstanding for excellent clientel, cuising and service.  Ideally located in the park, on the shores of beautiful Lake Worth.  Beach and golf privileges.  Modern Firefroof Construction.  Sun porch and Roof solarium.

Hotel George Washington
Social and Civic Center, West Palm Beach, Fla

Hibiscus Avenue, showing Christian Science Church and School House, West Palm Beach, Fla.

West Palm Beach, Fla. School Building

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