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Marion County, Florida


Ocala Courthouse Broadway looking West, Ocala, Fl
A 1¢ post card

Silver Springs

Horseshoe Palm at Silver Springs

Glass Bottom Boats at Silver Spgs

Ross Allen with a rattle snake
Ross Allen, Famous Snake Expert with a rattle snake in on eo fhis snake pits in  Silver Springs, Florida.  The picture shows him extracting poison, called "milking a rattle snake.

Tommy Bartlett's Deer Ranch, Silver Springs
Tommy Bartlett's Deer Ranch at Silver Springs, Florida

Glass Bottom Boat
Seeing Silver Springs, Marion Co., Fl. through glass bottomed row boat.  The absolute clearness and iridescent brilliancy of the water enables a view through the glass bottomed row boat or from steamers deck of very minute objects on the bottom, including varigated shells, rocks, mosses and fishes.  The white rock beneath the cluster of springs yields a clear and tasteless table water.  "Bridal Chamber," "The Ladies Parlor," :"Crater Spring," are the most interesting of these springs.  (C) 1911  R. W. Thompson.

Fish playing "Football" at Silver Springs

Silver Springs overview
"Nature's Underwater Fairyland"
  Largest flowing springs in the world, over 750 million gallons daily.  Electric driven glass bottom obats.  Greatest depth 80 feet.  Temperature of water 72°  winter and summer.  Shown from sunrise to sunset, in all weather, every day in the year.

Silver Springs, Ocala, Fl.

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