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Lake County, Florida

Tavares, County Seat

Lake Co. Courthouse

The Lake County Courthouse boasts a unique flag pole.  The base is made from donated stones from many states and countries.

Though the old courthouse has been remodeled several times, the flag pole remains the one unchanged item in Tavares, Fl, the county seat of Lake County situated on the banks of Lake Dora.

This building now houses the Lake County Historical Museum. The first floor has a rotating display.  

The fourth floor is used by the Lake County Historical Society.  There are many books, hanging files of families of Lake and other historical holdings.


F D Waterman Bungalow, Eustis

Baseball, March 17, 1910

Lake Gracie

1st Church of Christ
The windows are Tiffany.  

Ocklawaha Hotel
Fountain Inn Hotel
downtown Eustis
3 Kids houseboat, Eustis, Fl
The Thee kids was pulled on shore and became a filling station for a while, then it was moved to the south end of Eustis and became a bar/restaurant named the DreamBoat.  When Hwy.441  was made, the ground around it was dug out for the interchange. It was something to see it sitting up on top of this portion of dirt , like a castle fo sorts in the air for all to see.  It was then destroyed.

House on Citrus Ave.
Orange Ave., 1st Church of Christ steeple on rt.

circa 1923-1927

Grandview Hotel

Bay St at Magnolia Ave.

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