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Duval County, Florida

Jacksonville Skyline
Clyde Line Docks, Jacksonville

Jacksonville Trasportation
Courtesy of Jerry Thompson
Courtesy of Jerry Thompson
Steamer docked
Aerial photo of Jacksonville
Jacksonville,Fl and the St. John's River from the Air
Various birdges over the St Johns River, Jacksonville

St. Albans Hotel, Jacksonville
  Hotel St. Albans Church at Pearl St.  Home-like atmosphere that has its appeal for the ever interested traveler.  Single $1 to $1.50 Double $2 to $3.50
Brewster Hospital
Courtesy of  Hazel Boyd
Brewser Hospital and Accredited Nurses Training School, Jacksonville: "Under the auspices of the Women's Division of Christian Service of the Methodist Church.  A modern 95-bed institution wth up-to-date hospital facilities and clinics for all types of patients."
Hotel Mason, Jacksonville, FL
Hotel Mason, Jacksonville, Fl
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